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Old 06-27-2020, 02:45 PM   #471
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Hi guys,
I understand your feelings, but we had to adapt. This covid thing changed the entire game, and many distribution channels are simply being affected.
I tried working with Sideshow but they already work with other partners doing Street Fighter so that will not fly.

I understand your feelings about the line not being complete, please know that I have been working on adapting my schedule to re-focus on my own license again.
but we had to adapt to many circumstances, and the line will continue but some things will change out of necessity.

One major issue is that Covid-19 changed the entire game, and many distribution channels are simply being affected.
I tried working with Sideshow but they already work with other partners doing Street Fighter so that will not fly.
Here's some points to consider:

1)I am going to launch Ken and the rest of the cast as a very limited edition size each ( I am not changing my mind on that matter, they will be limited). I also think I won't be doing alternate suits unless people really commit to it.
I have just finished talking ( this morning) with someone that will help me set up the sales department via our website and Facebook.

2)Edition size: Anything from 75 units to 200 or so for most popular characters.
I just got the green light form Capcom yesterday, and we will be doing shipping straight from the factory, we will only be doing direct sales.

3) We can sell world wide except for Asia we may collaborate with one other partner but I am still in talks with them so that is not a sure thing yet.
So I do not think going forward we will sell to distributors anymore, because it simply doesn't work for us right now.

4) Pricing: I will try to keep prices moderate and as fair as possible with a more limited run, but higher quality However the fact stands that doing less production is more costly.
Please share your thoughts.

5) I will also be starting a new line based on other games in the series like 3rd Strike and Alpha series but it all depends on the support for the continuation of the older line.I know I have failed time and time again, all I ask is for one more chance.
I will give it my all and we will see where we stand 2 months from now.

Thank you all.

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Old 06-27-2020, 05:14 PM   #472
Join Date: May 2016
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Erick,what about the 1/6 line ? It's been a long and complicated journey but I will keep supporting your brand as long as the quality is there.
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Old 06-27-2020, 06:18 PM   #473
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Actions speak louder than words.
Especially when it comes to you....
I'm out
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Old 06-29-2020, 12:54 AM   #474
Justice League
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Early adopter, early believer, but with the delays and the ambiguous updates on how everyone else was holding up the progress, but never because of your company, it gave me a chance to get out.

Sold off everything. Won’t be coming back, and glad I was able to avoid getting any deeper into this line. Saved some money and space.

Would just say that it speaks volumes when you see the lack of progress being driven for your own company. Great sculptor, not the greatest entrepreneur. Stick to the regular paychecks at Marvel. I’m sure it pays more with less stress.

And to everyone else who still wants to sink more money into this, would just say, “fool me once...”
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Old 06-29-2020, 05:32 AM   #475
Borrow money from a pessimist, they don't expect it back.
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I would consider continuing the line, provided 1/6 scale is maintained, of course.
What range of price are we talking about for 1/6?

By the way, saw your Guy portrait, would love for it to get produced.
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