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If anyone knows the answers for these, thanks!

I'm just wondering does the manufacture handle what segments to bisect and turn into small pieces or does the 3d modeler deal with that making it easier for the manufacturer to print it?

Also by the looks of it huge sums of money seems to be the only barrier of entry, so would that mean anyone can create a statue company as long as they have connection in Guangzhou China and have a ton of cash?

And I heard it's a must to have someone in China to monitor these makers or if you can't you use SGS and Bureau Veritas as from other peoples experience they get duped or receive a bag of bricks so I was wondering if that's true or not?
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Sinister Six
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I assume the guy who asked is the owner of Prototypez
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Originally Posted by Westhelle View Post
I assume the guy who asked is the owner of Prototypez
LOL, nicely done.
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I heard that one typically sends an art concept before a 3d model, is this before or after the acquisition of the license?
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Artie Lange
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Originally Posted by gagaliya View Post
Then either the owner or the guys working in those factories will take the 3d file / casting, for pieces they deemed "popular" (i really question their taste sometimes lol), and work on their own or funded by local sellers to make bunch unauthorized copies, usually at a significantly better quality / paint to sell in the local chinese market in plain box/packaging, at 50%+ discount to the price we pay.
Lol, you make it sound like that's a side business, when in reality that's the real money maker, and it's way more than statues. Everything from designer bags and jewelry, sportswear and sneakers, watches at every price point, there's a factory to counterfeit absolutely everything there, and it gets sold around the world...just not in the US, usually...
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