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Sailor Moon
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Originally Posted by ereyi View Post
Just got my full set in today from Sideshow. Got to be honest, this is my first time ordering from Sideshow and buying items from Iron Studios and I am a bit underwhelmed by both companies. Grand total for this set was $812.70 (including Tax and Shipping to CA). Now I understand that the price includes 7 statues but the quality of the pieces just seems to be all over the place and I am not sure if it is worth the money. Some look pretty good, others have parts that look so fragile that it seems they could break if hit by a light breeze.
My set came with a BROKEN UNI.
My Hank has a wierd defect on the shackled skeleton on the base; the skeleton's right arm is sticking straight up instead of outstretched.
My Diana's staff has a major bend in it; due in part to it being made of cheap plastic and in part to poor packaging (seems like the styrofoam caused the bend.
My Presto's right hand looks too tight to fit his hat into it, although the hand may be made of plastic and might be able to stretch but I am not sure because there are no instructions or clues as to how to attach the damn hat.
The fingers on my Sheila look so delicate that I am afraid to breath on them.
Overall the statues feel like they are made of some combination of resin and plastic, not sure how to describe it but they just feel a bit off. Now on the plus side, the sculpts are pretty good for the small size. They look, for the most part, like the prototypes and enough like the cartoons that I want to keep them. But I will say that for the total price, I was expecting a bit more consistent quality. And as for Sideshow's packaging, I would say it is pretty poor. They stuff the art box into some random sized box, put it right up against the sides and just shove some butcher paper around one of the sides and top to keep it from moving around. No bubble wrap, no foam corners, no space around the art box to be sure it does not take a direct hit if droped, just the bare minimum. Either way, I have contacted sideshow with my issues, lets see how their customer service responds.
Mine arrived today. I just inspected them all, and no damage to report. All of the paint looks really sharp. Overall, I am very satisfied and excited to display this. There was a tiny bit of warp in Diana's staff, but it's not surprising with a piece that small, which also makes it easier to repair with a blow dryers and some cold water. If you take a minute to study the photo on the box, you will realize how Presto's hat goes on. It took me a minute to get oriented. I can see from your photo how you are trying to put it in the wrong way. The flat part of the hat should be positioned immediately behind the bend of the fingers. My only complaint is that I wish they had painted Uni's eyes, rather than have them closed in the middle of a bray, but it is what it is.

This is one of the most beloved of my childhood memories brought to life, and I love it. Anyone who knows me from the Predator posts knows that I am not an easy person to impress.
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thanks for the reply jaguargod,
Can you confirm that the Skeleton on Hank's base on your statue has his arms outstretched like the prototype or is yours like mine with the right arm sticking straight up.
Also, when you put Presto's hat on, did you have to force it into the hand or did it go in easily. The pic I posted was just to show that even at the hat's thinest point, the hand was too tight or closed to fit the hat in.
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