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Originally Posted by XSE View Post
If you mean away from the Russians, they made a deal with him. He gave them centuries of intel and he asked to be left alone. They put him at Chernobyl and his minions showed up saying they would rebuild the vampire community stronger than before.
Right, I saw this as well. But they looked like they’d escaped Chernobyl. If so, how? Oh is that where they stayed? And why would they want to be there? And was it Dracula’s plan to destroy his own castle, as his son was acting on his orders? And, if so, why do that? This story just made no sense whatsoever for me.

Gene Colan Dracula? In Hand!!
And The Monster of Frankenstein? In Hand!!
Next? Will we ever see Werewolf by Night?!
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First off I am sure a sequel is on its way

Second, since that radioactive area of Russia was uninhabited, that would be a spot where the Vampire kingdom could regrow and not be noticed since no one really goes there.
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