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The Flash
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Originally Posted by Tony Coca View Post
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My Better Is Better Than Your Better
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Originally Posted by Davidian View Post
Still a lurker, although I post pics when I rarely get a new piece. Have since gotten into building Gundam models mostly.
All my money has gone into the car. I haven’t bought a statue in a good 5 or 6 years
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It's 2022 and even though we got the Amber Turd situation hogging the headlines, I'm still here. Hell, even got some awesome things on the way!
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Angry Green Rage Monster Mod. SMASH!
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Still here - picking up a statue sporadically, posting art, doing mod duties.

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Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.
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Wow, some of you are ancient! You could say "old, but not obsolete."

WarSpawn was my old name.
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New Mutants
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Still here as well. Actually bought more then a few statues this past year..haven’t really got anything in over 5 years, but got the itch again. Wish I didn’t with the prices now…Wow!

Hope you guys are all doing well!
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Black Cat
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OMG I started on here in 2004?
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Yep still here. Don’t post as much but check in every day to see if everyone is behaving.
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curmudgeon Mod
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Originally Posted by nbr3bagshotrow View Post
Still here.
3 more years since I last confirmed I?m still here. I still prefer this forum to the multitude of Facebook groups I belong to. Still picking up the occasional statue or Hot Toy and routinely performing mod duties.
The damn things invisible!
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