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Old 01-14-2018, 04:39 PM   #31
I was arrested for selling illegal-sized paper.
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^Yeah I remember seeing that before and was surprised how bad it was considering he was known as being "clutch". I think to simply sum it up is Kobe has the killer instinct that Lebron is missing but Lebron is more efficient and better overall for his team.....while Jordan had it all.
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Old 01-15-2018, 08:20 PM   #32
A closed mouth gathers no foot.
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Lebron is a pussy. He changes his team or teammates or staff whenever he feels it is not good enough.
The behaviour of "a best of the best" ? surely not.
If he "gets" a new team.. they get rid of all the veterans in there and "collect" superstars around him. Wao whata skill.

How good is he, if he hasnīt got a team with at least 2 other stars around him ?
We will never know, because he wonīt let this happen.
Because then he has to cope with "really" hard defense against him. 2 more superstars split the enemy defense..makes it MUCH easier for him to "look good".

And his last ring he got just because of Kyrie...

He is a very good player.. but nothing compared to the real superstars.

Concerning Kobe we know: ... there was no way to defend him in his best years.

GOAT? MJ for sure!
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Old 01-17-2018, 05:17 PM   #33
I was arrested for selling illegal-sized paper.
Join Date: Apr 2012
Posts: 2,828
I'm sure you'd call him that to his face lol. As far as the superteams are concerned I really wouldn't put any of his above these: Today's Warriors, 90's Bulls, early 00's Lakers heck the 80's Celtics and Lakers were pretty stacked. But I'd say if you removed him from his teams it would have more effect than removing any one player from those teams. Even the Bulls made it to the playoffs when Jordan left.
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