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Originally Posted by craigcliff1 View Post
Yes was going to state was 07
Any true TF G1 fan has to watch Transformers The Basics
Anyone who thinks movies are STUPID TRASH, THEY ARE THAT, has to watch Pitch Meeting
shows you what a classic is VS what is STUPID UTTER FILTHY TRASH.
I haven't seen past the first 2 BayFormers TF movies past scenes in a store.

I can never completely write them off with hate because they keep using Peter Cullen even though they should have had Frank Welker too.
Even the commercials for the new one make me smile when I hear Cullen's voice.

That and Megan Fox. Any Transformers movie could have easily descended into nerdom obscurity. She was so hot back then she could make school cool just by being there.

Given the constraints of CGI and what it used to cost, the movies definitely needed something like her to get enough mainstream appeal to cover the expenses and she nearly single handedly did it.
Yea things are some different now but back then no, most casual movie goers were not going to watch an all out fandom fest like the original cartoon movie which was such a financial disaster I'm sure producers were nervous to greenlight the 2007 movie at all.

As bad as the movies are, yes they reinvigorated the IP, gave them recent mainstream popularity again and likely there would not be some classic stuff that was made without them such as PCS animated line.
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Thing is in 03 I was so hyped when was mentioned about doing a movie. Then to watch a childish movie. childish writing and characters. Then METAL SHREDDER TF
Was a commercial from what 95 or so was THE GIANT SLUG
The were in a meeting talking about shirts, mugs, figures and such and someone asked what about the script for THE GIANT SLUG movie, they say we can knock out a script in couple days
That is what they did with TF MOVIES
it's like it was written and directed by children
I am glad it got me to QUIT MOVIES.
yes MF was nice to watch
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