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The Herculoids
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Originally Posted by ambulanceartist View Post
Anyone what's going on the their mosquito in amber? I got the email for the both the rex and the mosquito on the same day that they would be charged on the 16th and obviously got the rex but was never charged the remainder for the amber mosquito. I will email them but just wondering if anyone was in the same boat.
Receiving shipping notice today for mosquito in amber.
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Anyone heard anything about this from popculture.
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is anyone interested in a piece in USA or Mexico ?
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Received my Mosquito in Amber and, while it's pretty cool and I was impressed by how real the mosquito looked, it's actually much smaller than I thought.
Amber color is also extremely muted and unrealistic, almost clear, more than the Chronicle/Paragon cane even.

Can't help feeling the piece is overpriced.
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