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Ok, it seems that some rules need to be established pertaining to non-statue pictures and videos/animated gifs. Due to the glut of threads lately where people feel compelled to post pictures of men and women in various states of dress, here are some suggestions and guidelines:

-Any pic which you would find in non-adult magazines is ok. For instance, if you want to post a pic which was originally published in Maxim, FHM, Vogue, GQ, Sports Illustrated...thats ok. That being the case, you must post the ENTIRE pic, not just the boobs, crotch.... Anything which THEY would not print is not appropriate for posting on this site either.

-ANYTHING sexual in nature or even suggestive in nature is inappropriate. If you're posting a pic because you're giggling about the sexual inuendo and think it's funny, its inappropriate.

-Please note that there is a difference betweeen SEXY and SEXUAL. Maxim, FHM, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit SEXY. Playboy, Hustler, SEXUAL. SEXY is ok, SEXUAL is not. If you don't know if your pic is sexy vs sexual, don't post the pic.

-NOTHING should be jiggling, bouncing, flapping, swinging or otherwise moving in any video/gifs. While I certainly appreciate those images, they aren't appropriate for this site.

-Since a picture being offensive is ENTIRELY based on the opinions of the mods, think before you post. If you think you need to ask before posting, then your picture is inappropriate.

-All of these guidlines pertain to ANY images you post on the site, including signatures and avatars.

PM me or any mod with any questions

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