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The Dark Knight
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Superman: Emperor Joker

It was an ok Superman event... kind of paralel with Marvel's House of M event. Mad character bends reality to his/her image and characters in this new altered reality don't remember the original reality and just play their new roles in this new altered reality. These are the basics of both Emperor Joker and House of M.

I am usually really antusiastic about writing a review about the comics, i read, but i feel reluctant to write anything about Emperor Joker, it seems it wasn't my kind of thing, it was crazy... Too Crazy for my taste, but it had an excuse to be that crazy because Emperor Joker reality in the story was a product of Joker's insane mind. The art was incosistent even if the book was just the main event, it seems that was how things were with events back then. I am glad the events were short back then, enduring Emperor Joker's 50 + tie ins would be a nightmare.

What Batman went through could be executed better, it was kind of unimaginative and short... I give Emperor Joker a 6/10. Actually the overall execution was kind of unimaginative, but then again the idea of Joker couldn't come up with anything better kind of saves it, but still... not really my kind of thing.
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That was the era of Superman when there were 4 books, one coming out every week and they always tried to make a big event. Some were good some were just so so. Half of the time DC treated all 4 books like it was one weekly comic.
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Mister H
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Yeah I’d say it was ok as well. I think it could have been better with another character besides Joker. He was over exposed even back then.
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I remember reading this as it came out and finding it very tense, suspenseful, at times frightening and very creative in terms of really pushing Superman to the max and nearly over the edge. The continuation across the four titles each week did make the art inconsistent but I don’t recall that being a problem. I’ve traded up from the TPB to the Deluxe HC so I guess I’ll have to reread it to see if it holds up to what I remember.
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