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Savage Dragon
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Found it:

Originally Posted by Python View Post
So, here's some excellent news. it looks like we will be getting this in 1/3 also!! Here's a quote of a short conversation on Instagram...


"there's a big difference between 1/3 and 1/2. The former is manageable for more people while still being very large. And there is nowhere else to go for this kind of awesomeness, only Prime 1. It would be nice if they made this in both scales to please everybody."

Reply from Prime 1 official:

"we will but later "
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Originally Posted by FDS View Post
The prime 1 is slightly taller in height, excluding the base’s. Approximately, prime 1, from feet to skull is about 94cm and the HCG is around 90cm. I got the HGC on a slightly higher table, and the base of that is thick, and it just about comes level to the Prime 1. I much prefer the overall look and posture of the Prime 1 endo. The HCG just looks a bit too stiff in comparison. Still like it, but love the Prime 1 version.
If Prime 1 stood straight, it'd probably hit the 96cm mark. Double that is 192cm so over scaled. HCG would be around 180cm so a little underscaled. Endos are around 183-185cm. Seems like only the life size endos are scaled correctly.

Agree one has a very static pose, can only be photographed in certain angles and the other has a dynamic pose and movable head and arms which makes for a lot of different poses for shots.
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Originally Posted by Blade3327 View Post
Was there ever talk of a 1/3?

Hope they base it on T2. Would love to see some guns included with an Endo again.
They don't have the T2 licence. Honestly if 1/3 is tackled, I would rather a company like Queen Studios give it a go. Prime 1 is pretty inconsistent these days.

Absolute must for T2 endo to have at least an articulated head and poseable arms. But I'm with Shoo, get the feeling there won't be an endo for a while.
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Plastic Man
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Originally Posted by ukshaun View Post
Another day, and another photo is posted to Facebook
Other stupid looking Terminator. That face! those eye's!
He looks so desparate ..feeeed me!
This one appears to have a masive left hand.

Ya want sum do ya?!
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