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Old 08-27-2019, 10:45 AM   #1
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Anyone doing Bowen Repairs?

My Giant Man got his arm busted off at the elbow when an action figure shelf dived. The break seems pretty clean, but I'd rather have someone skilled fix it and do any seam filling and paint touch ups required.

Post here or DM me. Thanks!
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Old 08-27-2019, 11:13 AM   #2
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I know John allard (Facebook) does but hes extremely busy.
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Old 08-27-2019, 12:11 PM   #3
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I would check with comic book stores in your city. I know that mine has one that will do repairs.
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Old 08-27-2019, 12:36 PM   #4
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My opinion is you’d be better off trying to fix it yourself and or buying a new one and selling the damaged one eBay. If someone does a repair they’re not gonna charge you $50 so the repair costs will be at least half the price of the new undamaged statue on eBay. I think Giant Man sells for around $300ish on eBay.

The paints on him are simple straight forward solid colors. You should be able to match the paint. If it’s a clean break you can glue the pieces together with superglue which will lock the two broken pieces together allowing you to do detailed work on the damaged area while being together. The use use apoxie sculpt or fixit to smooth out the seam and fill in the micro breaks. You repeat the process with the an apoxie product(s) until the seam is (just about) Invisible and there are no craters or visible jagged breaks. Then finally you paint it with acrylic paints. Giant man is a simple red and and blue. His paints should be pretty easy to match not metallic or anything crazy like that.

Just my opinion, your piece...your call.
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