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The Dark Knight
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I started Horimiya because a friend of mine insisted to me to read it. It was a highschool friendship and romance manga. There wasn't many mushy feelings... The romantic moments were mostly intrupted with comedy routins so the manga was not heavy on unbearbly girly emotions side. lol The protogenist Miyamura was a totally gloomy, bluied, tortured soul who was without friends in junior high who found love and new friends at highschool so his life was better now... This was a heavy hit to high school otaku boys' hearts, our otaku could identify and get full of hopes and dreams with such a character, especially if he was about to start to high school. Even if it was a romance manga, it definetly targets boys, mostly. It was not like girls couldn't enjoy the manga as well, it was heavy on the girl protogenist Hori's side too and there were other girls in love in the story, there was even a love triangle.

Hori and Miyamura saw a side of each other no one else knew about. The gloomy highschool boy Miyamura was full of tatoos and piercings, he hung around in this rebelious style after school and stylish and popular highschool girl Hori was pretty much a not very stylish house wife like girl who looked after her little brother like a mother and took care of the house after school. Miyamura kun and Hori san discovered their those secret sides by coincidence and that led to love between them.
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