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Originally Posted by Crash421 View Post
While the extended period of silence ending with Tsume Fan Days in May is a disappointing development, it was primarily to re-evaluate the situation they found themselves in. Factory production of Vegeta was not up to par, so rather than send out lower quality product, they took the time to inspect and fix as many of the pieces that needed it. Add this to the arrival of their Grendizer piece (which the other factory took liberties with the paint), they found again issues they had to fix in house. This led to them prioritizing development of their own factory, where they would have complete control of the outcome. I don’t see where they have mistreated people for ages, as this is a recent thing. They have a new TNT to scheduled at the end of the month to unvail their Berserk piece as well as display factory pieces of the next 6 statues due to release on the next few months. They’re updating their payment system to closely resemble that of most companies.
I tell you why. Changing the prototypez, shipping fees, prices, materials, constant delays and more.
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Originally Posted by Balthazar View Post
I tell you why. Changing the prototypez, shipping fees, prices, materials, constant delays and more.
Prototype is just that. A prototype, meaning it’s a sample of the potential of what is to come. All manufacturers have a little quote stating “final product may vary” or something like that. Materials, they were open about material changes after Robin. They saw it was important to collectors and were open about it since then. The delays are the most disappointing, but it’s either you get a piece of crap on time, or they force the factories to do it right (or start over in a new factory, which was the case on a few pieces) and give people quality. Yes the delays were extensive, but so far quality has been spot on and they’re improving QC. They’re working on shipping costs and improvements times for international shipping. The long silence and delays I will openly admit are a REAL issue and I’m glad they’re finally addressing and being open again.
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