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Cryptozoic Greek Gods Batman and Superman Statues

I guess they sold enough of Wonder Woman to turn Batman and Superman into Greek gods as well, lol.

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that's kinda cool.
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Old 11-01-2022, 05:37 PM   #3
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I have the WW and actually quite like it after having it repainted for a Marbel'esque texture as original promoted (they are just white in production). Sculpt is quite nice and it makes just makes a all kinds of sense for the character of WW.

I don't quite see the same appeal for the others in the trinity unfortunately. Seems like a missed opportunity. I would have prefered they tried and do what Queens Studios did, capture the iconic essence and turn it into a statue-statue.

I think Best Kingdom also did a nice job with their The Dark Knight Rises and Dawn of Justices movie statue-statues. Something like that put in scale to Diana. Like Bats should be a dark brooding bronze in Art Deco style for instance, or Dark Deco as it is called after BTAS :-)

Sups should be ... Futurisim maybe? So many possibilites. Just putting the Logo on the armor and adding Batears to a helmet is kind of lazy.

I would have probably bought a Dark Deco Bats and Futurism Sups to go. Like I said, nice sculpts at decent prices.
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I have the WW. These are really good. Might pick them up.
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