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Originally Posted by Peedi View Post
Sometimes he does, but Iíve read enough Thanos to observe he sits on his throne just as much or not as any other character whose had a throne. I liken it to Black Panther crouching in almost every statue of him out there, yet in the actual comics (not counting pin up/internet Google search art) heís standing the overwhelming majority of the time. Itís peoples idea of the character VS what the characters are actually like. Anyway, you have a nice set there, I dig your display. I just prefer characters not sitting around unless itís Professor X and thereís no choice (although Professor X in the comics has been walking for like 10 years now).

We all have to sit down eventually lol..I really wanted to dig this Mag but the cape did me in....Sorry but mix media is a no no on this in my opinion..Really cheapens it and this is not cheap either. What do think of the Daniel Bel RCB Magneto Custom Statue?
IMO the render on that peace was perfect but the final statue isn't worth $2K that's being asked for it now. The legs are too skinny below the knees, and the paint apps are "just OK" IMO. The purple is too bright, especially on that large cape (It should've been more of a matte finish) and the shading on the body is off IMO as well.

Don't get me wrong, it's a nice piece, but not worth the price given the issues I see. Anyway, that's just my personal take.
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