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Old 10-12-2021, 11:21 AM   #11
Metal Men
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Honestly I couldn't care less but there is something about the sensationalizing of it that rubs me the wrong way.

Everyone trying to prove how woke they are. This isn't specific to this story but society as a whole. Comes off as disingenuous imo
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Old 10-12-2021, 11:41 AM   #12
New Republic
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Honestly, I'm just happy they didn't do this with an old school character. I still think it's a stunt to get publicity/sales, but if they're going to do it then at least they're not doing it with a character like Kal-El, Bruce Wayne, etc.
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Old 10-12-2021, 05:36 PM   #13
New Republic
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that post is gone-I do not know if the poster blocked me or if it was deleted but whatever happened thank you
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Old 10-12-2021, 05:57 PM   #14
What happens if you get scared half to death twice?
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I think its fine. Comics have always dared to be the voice of pop culture and generational differences. This seems to be in line with that and the past lgbtq+ characters to come out like Green Lantern, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, etc. have all faced similar backlash at first. And why canít t things be both? A cash grab and a way to give voice and representation to traditionally marginalized groups.
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Old 10-12-2021, 07:20 PM   #15
Jedi Order
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Originally Posted by mmk123 View Post
I do not think that you are against it is you do not want to see it in a certain medium. This might be a bad example but I always hate when a soap opera (ok, love a good daytime and nighttime soap-pure escapism) do a storyline involving rape. They always go the same way it seems. However, even though I do not like them it that storyline can help a person who was the victim of rape cope and deal with it then it can help.

That is where I see this with both Jon Kent and Robin. Part of it I feel is a stunt by DC but on the flip side if it is helping a person or opening someone's eyes and attitude then that is not a bad thing.

When did I say that? Or, were you speaking about people in general?
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Old 10-12-2021, 07:36 PM   #16
New Republic
Join Date: Dec 2017
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Posts: 2,489
Sorry I have a typo I meant to say I do not think you are against it if you do not want to see it in a certain medium I will go back and correct

I was just speaking in general and I was not pinpointing you so I hope you didn’t take offense to it and think that I was
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Old 10-12-2021, 09:47 PM   #17
Young Justice
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I am curious how Clark takes the news. To me Superman is an avatar for the hopes and aspirations of our species. That north star we aspire to. He's earned that over nearly a century of stories.

My guess is Clark loves his son very much and will accept him for what he is and celebrate his happiness. Maybe you disagree, for me heroes make us reflect on our own values and who we want to be, whether we be young or old.
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Old 10-13-2021, 07:25 AM   #18
Cross country skiing is great if you live in a small country.
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It's not a new topic in the comic world.
Hasn't the subject already been covered in the Batman / Robin comics ? Since it was said now and then that the two are gay couple (There are many pages on the internet on this subject ).
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