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One Above All
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Looking for a Vintage 90s Lottery Software that had good winning track record

A very good day to you

I hope you are doing very well

I am wondering if I am allowed to post such a topic here on StatueForum

If my post is not allowed then can the mod please delete this post - Thank You Mods

I am looking for a Vintage 90s Lottery Software that had a very good winning track record

The below text was from a lottery forum

There was a guy in NY years ago in the 90's that I bought his pick 4 software. He had advertised it in Lottery News sold here in NY. It was amazing. ONly problem was it needed a key code to start it. One day my computer crashed and I couldn't get a hold of the guy anymore. He said he had paid $5000 to a guy to write the program. I paid around $200. It could be used for any Pick 4 and you only played 7-15 combos. It really was the best software to this day and I have owned many. I was cashing 3-4 boxed hits a week playing only once a day. I believe he was from Rochester.

Just by these few words I was wondering if anyone on this forum know or had used this software

Perhaps if someone can still locate this software

Hope to hear from you soon

Thank you very much for your time and kind help

Kind Regards as Always

One Above All
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Computer vision software engineers will write the code for the target platform. This means they have to keep practical considerations such as memory and performance targets in mind. Pure scientists may have little knowledge of these things, and may not even care about them.
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