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Mister H
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Originally Posted by built2shred View Post
Force Healing has been in the EU for a long time, basically, all Jedi have the same basic powers but a few unique Jedi here and there can have special abilities, one of those is force healing, not every Jedi can do it. And it does take your own health to heal someone else so there is a consequence to it. In TROS they took it to it's most extremes in Ben using all his life force to resurrect Rey. IMO was over the top but Abrams and Johnson did that with a lot of force powers in an attempt to wow the audience. To me, it came off as really cheesy... My issue with Rey and Ben was they had all the force powers imaginable and to the extreme... it was just really lame...

So far all we've seen baby yoda do is heal some cuts...
Yeah, that's a good point. BY is also 50 years old which is much older than Rey or Ben. I'm going off the fact that there weren't any Force healing scenes in the first six movies.
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