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Gunnm (Battle Angel Alita) Manga

I finished Gunnm. The ending was ridiculous... The Zalem turned into a tree... what, how, no way After i gave these reactions, I gave it 5 out of 10 points on MAL, but there was a part in the last chapters that I saw as an inspiration for the Matrix Film, seeing this made me abit warm up to the manga because I really like the Matrix, the first film was great, the rest was still watchable even though it wasn't that good. I also liked Alita's film, but the manga was very different, as it progressesed, it almost had nothing to do with the film, the Film was going to a much different place, if it had a sequel. The manga was pure action, It was read like a battle shonen with some gore and it had so few amount of nudity, I can't really call it a seinen. In order to seem deep, the manga gave examples from some literary works and philosophical works and stuff, and then gave a lot of scientific information, most of which was fictional, but when you look at the story of the manga, there wasn't actually anything deep

Mangaka wanted to create a conflict between Gally's human self and his machine body, but this was very weak, manga barely touched the surface with that, so it didn't mean much. Then there were many other things that didn't sit right with me, for example, the personalities of the characters showed inconsistency, the character you call a good girl suddenly became extremely cruel and did not care about human life at all, or a character like Desty Nova, whom you would call a complete psychopathic monster, suddenly experienced intense emotions and wanted to live in peace and harmony. There were many things that didn't make sense. Then when you learn the big secret of Zalem, when the residents of Zalem learned that they were so shocked and traumatized that they couldn't overcome it and committed suicide, you say, Is this it... This is not something that would cause such a big trauma and lead to suicide.
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