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Old 10-20-2016, 11:02 PM   #1
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Science Fiction Book Club

I don't know if there are many people in here that belong to the SFBC, but I highly recommend it as they have great deals and amazing sales from time to time. They don't carry many comic or art related books, but from time to time they do carry some and on most occassions they wind up being really good releases.

The reason I am making this post now is because they have a really good comic related release coming up, The Art of Red Sonja Vol.2.

It has a MSRP of $34.99 on Amazon and is slated for release on November 22. You can join the SFBC by buying 2 books for 9.99 each, which means you could get The Art of Red Sonja plus another book on top of it for a little more than half the cost of just the Art of Red Sonja book on Amazon.

I would not recommend this book club if I wasn't a huge fan of the company/club myself. I have purchased at least 40+ books from them over the last 4-5 years and the money I have saved is significant to say the least. And one of the best aspects of the club is they have hardcover's for 99% of thier books and there is always free shipping if you purchase 2 books or more. Most importantly, there is no purchasing obligations and you can cancel at any time. Its not like the book clubs of years past where you had to purchase X amount of books within a certain amount of time. You could literally purchase the initial 2 books for $9.99 each and then cancel your membership.

The way it works is once your a member, they make 2 membership credits available at the first of each month for $14.99 each. You can choose to buy them or not to buy them. Those credits can be used to purchase any book on the site regardless of the price and no books require more than 1 credit. So you can basically buy any book on the site for $14.99 if you buy credits, regardless of the cost of the book. I currently have 4 credits in my account right now so I will basically use one to get the Red Sonja Art book so I will get it for $14.99. Or you can just skip the whole credits aspect of the club and just buy the books for the listed price. Obviously you would only want to use credits on books that cost more than $14.99. They carry books that can have MSRP's as high as $50-$60 so the credits can be a huge deal in many cases. Many of thier books are as low as $9.99 and they also have some great sales throughout the year.

The only downside to the whole credit aspect of the club is you have to log on to the website and decline the 2 monthly credits by the 10th of each month or they will automatically be charged to your credit card, but before you let that deter you there are a couple of ways around this. Personally, I wrote an email to them stating that I travelled extensively with my job and didn't always have access to a computer so they made it so I didn't have to log on once a month and decline the credits. Its basically the opposite for me now. If I want credits I have to manually buy them at the beginning of the month. I don't have to worry about loggig on and decling credits anymore.

Another way around the monthly credit issue is to get one of those pre paid debit cards that you can reload as you see fit and only load it up with enough money to pay for the intial books. That way if you forget to log on and decline the monthly credits, the charge for the monthly credits will be declined for non sufficient funds. I actually used this method myself when I first joined and having credits decined for NSF's won't effect your standing with the club at all. Or if you don't mind logging in once a month and declining the credits you can always go that way as well.

Anyways, I figured I would post this up because you really can get some amazing deals through this club and they always carry a decent selection of books and are regularly adding new ones all the time. Again, I would not recommend it if I wasn't a huge fan of the club myself. I have been a member for roughly 5 years now and again have purchased at least 40+ books through the club to date.

If your interested in the Art of Red Sonja, you have you wait until its released on Nov 22nd to place your order, that is if you want free shipping. They charge $2.99 shipping on pre orders. And if you want some suggestions for the 2nd book, here are some books I have purchased through the club that I have thoroughly enjoyed that are still available:

Star Wars Year By Year: A Visual History, Updated Edition (MSRP $50 - $42 on Amazon)

The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (MSRP $40 - $27.50 on Amazon)

Light (MSRP $29.95 - $20.39 on Amazon)

The Swarm: Book One Of The Second Formic War (MSRP $25.99 - $17.10 on Amazon)

Bloodline: New Republic (MSRP $28.00 - $18.71 on Amazon)

Doctor Who: The Whoniverse - The Untold History Of Space And Time (MSRP $45.00 - $34.55 on Amazon)

The Golden Age Of Piracy: The Truth Behind Pirate Myths (MSRP $24.99 - $22.98 on Amazon)

The Unknown Universe: A New Exploration of Time, Space, and Modern Cosmology (MSRP $27.95 - $17.91 on Amazon)

Lost Gods (MSRP $27.99 - $21.09 on Amazon). I can't speak to the quality of this book as I just ordered it and haven't recieved it yet. It ships on Oct 25th.

Anyways, since the Art of Red Sonja Vol.2 will likely be a highly sought after art book by many members in here, I figured this would be as good a time as any to make a post about the Science Fiction Book Club. I love the club myself as they carry a lot of science fiction and fantasy books and those are 2 of my favorite genre's for books.
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Old 10-20-2016, 11:44 PM   #2
Have you ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations?
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I haven't checked their site in a while. I have a few of their books but I only got them because they were club exclusive editions that weren't sold in stores. Like hardcovers when retail only had paperbacks. A DaVinci Code special edition and a few others.
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Old 10-21-2016, 03:36 AM   #3
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Join Date: May 2012
Location: Farmington Hills, MI & La Fortuna, Costa Rica
Posts: 4,525
Originally Posted by ReplicantSavior View Post
I haven't checked their site in a while. I have a few of their books but I only got them because they were club exclusive editions that weren't sold in stores. Like hardcovers when retail only had paperbacks. A DaVinci Code special edition and a few others.
I just love books and have for as long as I can remember. I can literally go into a Barnes and Noble store and spend hours browsing the various sections. There are very few things I enjoy as much as a good quality book, wether that be an art book, a history book, a novel, etc. And given that I buy a lot of books and the Science Fiction Book Club stocks a lot of the kinds of books I love to read, it just made sense for me to join.

Its definitely saved me a lot of money to date and as you said, its also gotten me some exclusive hard cover editions that weren't available in regular stores. I definitely prefer hard covers over soft covers and don't mind paying the extra money required to get hard covers. Again, the fact that 99% of the books carried by the SFBC are hard covers is one of my favorite aspects of the club.

Besides the titles I recommended up above, here are some of the other books I have purchased through the club:

All 8 Dark Tower books from Stephen King
The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy
Red Sonja: Travels Volume 2
Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell: Dreamland
Ultimate Star Wars
Batman: A Visual History
Marvel Encyclopedia
Marvel Comics: 75 Years Of Covers
Big John Buscema: Comics & Drawings
The Big Book of Science Fiction: Ultimate Collection
World War II Remembered (Box Set)
Illustrated Atlas of the Universe
The Magnetic Universe
Hubble: Imaging Space and Time
The Life and Death of Stars
Stars: A Journey Through Stellar Birth, Life and Death
Isaac Asimov: The Foundation Trilogy
Dragonriders of Pern Collection
The Marvel Art of Joe Quesada
Animal Life: Secrets of the Animal World Revealed
Extreme Weather
The Disappearing Spoon
Geometry and Symmetry
New Thories of Everything
Photography: The Definitive Visual History
Hyper Nature

And lots of misc science fiction and fantasy novels. In all honesty, I have more problems dealing with the amount of space my books take up than my statues. I have lots of books in boxes as I just don't have nearly enough space on my book shelves. I am actually thinking of hiring a carpenter to come in and knock out the entire wall in our upstairs hallway and turning it into one long recessed bookshelf.
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Old 11-03-2016, 03:14 PM   #4
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Join Date: May 2012
Location: Farmington Hills, MI & La Fortuna, Costa Rica
Posts: 4,525
Looks like another quality art book is coming soon, at least if you have any interest in Star Wars Rogue One.

The Art Of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

There is another...

This stunning book is a visual chronicle of the Lucasfilm art department’s creation of new worlds, unforgettable characters, and newly imagined droids, vehicles, and weapons for the first movie in the Star Wars Story series. In the same format and style as Abrams’ The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, this book gives readers unprecedented access to hundreds of extraordinary concept paintings, sketches, storyboards, matte paintings, character designs and much more. The Art of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will stand as the definitive guide to the artwork and imagination behind the newest chapter in the Star Wars franchise and will delight Star Wars fans and cineastes for decades to come.
Its hard cover, 256 pages, and its release date through the SFBC is December 16th. Remember, if you pre-order, you get chaged $2.99 shipping. Better to wait until the book comes out and then place your order. Then you get free shipping if you buy 2 or more books.
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Old 11-07-2016, 03:07 PM   #5
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Join Date: May 2012
Location: Farmington Hills, MI & La Fortuna, Costa Rica
Posts: 4,525
SFBC just got a decent amount of new selections that are now in stock. Here are a few that I think people might be interested in:

Being a Dog

Learn exactly how your dog thinks and feels

Dogs and humans have lived together for more than 30,000 years, becoming closer and more interdependent over time. Today, there are dogs in almost 50 percent of American households. This book is not about anthropomorphizing dogs. They are not human. But science is confirming what dog people have always known.

Uniquely written from a dog's perspective, Being a Dog is the most authoritative and current book about dog behavior and cognition. It combines the latest scientific research with enlightening illustrations to give a unique insight into a dog's world. What does it feel like to be a dog? How does a dog view other dogs, other animals, humans? How does a dog see itself? What makes a dog happy or excited, scared or angry?


Some of the exciting discoveries in the book are:

dogs make use of the "lovers' hormone," oxytocin
dogs love us and see us as their family
dogs rely on humans for affection, protection and everything else
dogs are the only non-primate animal to look people in the eyes; in fact, they seek out eye contact
dogs are hopelessly devoted to humans, prioritizing the scent of humans over anything else
dogs and humans process emotionally laden vocal sounds similarly
dogs are physically wired to pick up on humans' subtle mood changes
dogs do not have a sense of self-awareness
dogs do not see the world in black-and-white, but most have red-green color blindness
dogs are very nearsighted compared to humans

A Space Traveler's Guide To The Solar System

Have you ever dreamed of being an astronaut, traveling through the universe on your very own space mission? What would it be like to tour the solar system, visiting the sun and the planets, taking in everything from moons to asteroid belts along the way? What would you see, and how would you feel? What would you eat? How would you navigate and produce fuel? How would you survive?

On this epic voyage of discovery, celebrated astronomer Mark Thompson takes you on that journey. From how to prepare for take-off and the experience of leaving Earth’s atmosphere, to the reality of living in the confines of a spaceship and the strange sensation of weightlessness, this is an adventure like no other.

Suit up, strap in, and enjoy the ride!

Countdown To Pearl Harbor: The Twelve Days To The Attack

What went wrong at Pearl Harbor? On the 75th anniversary of the attack, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Steve Twomey offers an indelibly human look at the warnings, clues, and missteps that marked the twelve days leading up to December 7, 1941.

The Navy had warned Hawaii of danger, but framed it too vaguely. Washington had pierced Japan’s diplomatic code, but missed its intentions. The Commander of the Pacific Fleet believed that Pearl was too shallow for torpedoes and thought precautions unnecessary. And many believed that Japanese aviators didn’t have the nerve or skill to attempt a strike so far from home.

Twomey’s telescoping of these vital twelve days reveals how assumption is the root of disaster—and how sometimes a gamble pays off.

Battles That Changed History: The Battles That Decided The Fate of Nations

A handful of battles have profoundly changed the course of history. This illustrated compendium features 47 key engagements, from Megiddo in 1457 BC to Iraqi Freedom in 2003.

Here are such legendary engagements as Alesia (52 BC), where Caesar’s forces defeated Vercingetorix’s Gaul army; Agincourt (1415), the victory of Henry V’s longbowmen over heavily armored French knights; Gettysburg (1863), where Lee’s Confederates suffered irreplaceable losses; Stalingrad (1942), the turning point on the Eastern Front; and the Gulf War (1991), which ousted Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi army from Kuwait.

Packed with full-color illustrations and photos, maps, and sidebars, Battles That Changed History is an essential primer on warfare’s decisive moments.


Marathon, 490 BC

Hastings, 1066

Tannenberg, 1410

Nagashino, 1575

Siege of Yorktown, 1781

Austerlitz, 1805

Antietam, 1862

Verdun, 1916

Berlin, 1945

Dien Bien Phu, 1954

Sinai, 1973

Iraqi Freedom, 2003

Zen Dogs

Expanding on Alex Cearns’s web series, Zen Dogs includes 80 stunning color photographs of a variety of breeds—golden retrievers, beagles, French bulldogs, dachshunds, poodles, huskies, pit bulls and German shepherds. Here are some familiar faces from the online series, joined by dozens of dogs never seen before—all whose engaging personalities shine through. Sprinkled throughout are words of wisdom from the Buddha and other meditative masters, inspiring messages that, with the photos, warm the heart and soothe the spirit.

A gorgeous compendium for every everyone looking to add some peace and joy to their day, Zen Dogs reminds us of the power dogs have to enrich our lives—to make us happier, healthier, calmer and more loving.

Brom - Lost Gods

A gorgeous, illustrated tale of wonder and terror from the mind of master storyteller and acclaimed artist Brom.

Fresh out of jail and eager to start a new life, Chet Moran and his pregnant wife, Trish, leave town to begin again. But an ancient evil is looming and the souls of his wife and unborn child are at stake. To save them, he must journey into the bowels of purgatory in search of a sacred key promised to restore the natural order of life and death. Alone, confused, and damned, Chet steels himself against the unfathomable terrors awaiting him as he descends into death’s stygian blackness.

Thrust into a realm of madness and chaos, where ancient gods and demons battle over the dead, and where cabals of souls conspire to overthrow their masters, Chet plays a dangerous game, risking eternal damnation to save his family.

For those interested in the Bible:

Archaeology Of The Bible (National Geographic)

National Geographic and bestselling author Jean-Pierre Isbouts uncover a wealth of archaeological discoveries from Scripture and the biblical world, drawing on the latest discoveries to place these timeless stories in the framework of human history.

This richly illustrated volume details hundreds of sites and artifacts found in Sumer, Babylon, the Second Temple, along the route of the Exodus, and in many other regions across the Middle East. Timelines bridge myriad empires, maps give us visual orientation, and hundreds of photos and illustrations add to the visual splendor. Finally, the book concludes with details of what remains to be found—and the evolving dynamic of biblical faith in an increasingly scientific world.
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Old 11-16-2016, 01:06 PM   #6
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For those interested in the Art of Red Sonja Vol.2, it was just put in the new arrivals section today so its now available for order without having to pay the $2.99 pre order shipping fee. Here is the link again if your interested:

This one is 288 pages so its significantly larger than Vol.1 was, which only had 208 pages. Can't wait to get it!!
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Old 01-08-2017, 02:20 PM   #7
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Just wanted to let people know that another great comic release is headed to the Science Fiction Book Club. Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Newspaper Strips Vol. 1

The release date is Feb 7th. The SFBC only gets a certain amount of copies of each book and The art of Red Sonja Vol.2 sold out incredibly fast. Within a week of being released they were completely sold out and I expect this will likely sell out fast as well so if you want a copy, make sure you get your order in as soon as its available. Again if you pre order it before its available you have to ay $2.99 shipping. I never pre order and always wait for the release date and I have always gotten the books I wanted. Again, you just have to make sure you get your order in asap once it is released as you just never know how fast they will sell out.
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Old 08-28-2017, 08:59 AM   #8
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The Science Fiction Book Club has had some decent releases the last few months. Figured I would update this post with the newest releases:

Marvel Year By Year A Visual History: Updated And Expanded

Star Wars Visual Encyclopedia

Spider-Man: Inside The World Of Your Frendly Neighborhood Hero-Updated And Expanded

Suicide Squad
Behind The Scenes With The Worst Heroes Ever

Guardians Of The Galaxy: The Ultimate Guide To The Cosmic Outlaws

The Warlord Of Mars Omnibus Volume 1

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Old 09-28-2017, 04:24 PM   #9
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Wanted to update this post again as there are some new comic releated releases people might be interested in.

Slugfest: Inside The Epic, 50-Year Battle Between Marvel And DC MSRP $27.00

Justice League: The Ultimate Guide To The World's Greatest Superheroes MSRP $24.99

Ultimate Marvel: Super Heroes Villains Locations Technology Vehicles MSRP $40.00

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