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Old 12-03-2019, 01:52 PM   #1
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ARH Arkhalla Bust (NSFW)

Got this delivered the other day. The only issues I have is the fact that the pasties were not designed to have magnets fit in them so they can sit on nipples properly. So they just put an adhesive putty in the pastie to hold it on. I'm going to try to rig something better up that doesn't use a putty. The whites of the eyes and teeth could have been a bit brighter other than that a nice piece to add to my other female vampire statues.
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Old 12-03-2019, 09:22 PM   #2
The X-Men
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"So they just put an adhesive putty in the pastie to hold it on."

Wait what?
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Old 12-04-2019, 02:52 AM   #3
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Originally Posted by SAB380 View Post
"So they just put an adhesive putty in the pastie to hold it on."

Wait what?
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Old 12-05-2019, 10:11 PM   #4
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Old 12-06-2019, 02:53 PM   #5
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Just to let you know there are magnets in the bust itself just above the nipple if you check with something metallic. I am not sure why Arahom did not put magnets inside the pasties but if you could glue a tiny magnet inside the pastie they should hold just fine.
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Old 12-06-2019, 04:24 PM   #6
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Never understood the removable pastie concept. You gonna pull them off in private and gawk at impossibly perfect nips?
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Old 12-06-2019, 04:38 PM   #7
stone eagle
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I can see giving customers choices for how they display their statues. Some owners have sensitive family members or they may have sensitivities themselves but other owners may not be as sensitive about the human body and can display it without a top full time. (no need to "sneak a peak" so to speak.)
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Old 12-07-2019, 08:35 AM   #8
Gyro Zeppeli
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I can't imagine those pasties will suddenly turn a statue of a fully naked woman into a family friendly sight.
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