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Originally Posted by equi-nox76 View Post
I think I'll try to hunt one of these TIEs down, let's see.
The AT-ST is in my collection as well, a fantastic piece, I used to have the TIE Bomber but the colours did not appeal to me so I sold it again. The eFX TIE is more iconic anyways so this would be a good alternative, although it consumes more space.
There is no licensed TIE Bomber from EFX, MR, Icons or Code 3, just regular TIE Fighter by EFX Collectibles and Icons (EFX version is the better of the two), and Vader's TIE by Code 3.

Vader's TIE from Code 3 is very close to a studio scale in size and also the details are very good and color is close to EFX TIE. I prefer the regular Vader's TIE over the battle damaged one, despite the cool Death Star and signature base of the damaged one, because the battle damage itself is looking quite bad.
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