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HMO may be a little undersized but honestly they are worth the value. Gully is one of the largest statues I have. The gully statue is bigger than the termie statue :P
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The upcoming Weta releases still might scale well with the HMO ones. Abaddon being juiced up by demonic powers and thus bigger , Celestine being a smaller sculpt herself and if they do an Ork (especially a Warboss)they can be larger as a non human. No problem with villains being bigger than hero's myself.
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I found a half decent picture I took of the 1/4 termie (that I acutally took somehow! :P) if anyone was interested in seeing it

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Found a shop with good price compared to 99% other shops and also free shipping within EU.
For people in Europe who like to save a bit on the WH40k Lieutenant Titus Battleline 1/6 (is Regular version / they don't have the Limited).

This shop is from Denmark (you can choose your own country with corresponding tax amount).
Sharp PO price at around 1038euro. i think if you want to save more you have to wait a while till Weta has it in stock and offer real discount or maybe blackfriday end of this year.

iMusic upper right 'Search box' does not find it, if you search for Weta statue. You have to search on the word Merchandise. use quick search by typing Titus merch
I ordered through them for first time, hopefully they will offer Abaddon and next few warhammer for affordable price too.

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