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Hulu Question

This service continues to crap out on us, losing the connection mid-stream, etc. we have the highest streaming service our provider (CenturyLink) offers and watch Prime, Netflix, Disney+, Vudu, Fubo, Peacock and other streaming service and seem to have this problem (and pretty consistently) with Hulu only.

Do others have this issue? Anyone know why this happens?


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We use Hulu as our “cable service.” We have Hulu with Sports.

No issues streaming unless it’s sports and then it’s really random and resolves. With sports it’s a little lag. No crashing or inability to use the app.

Have you made sure your app is up to date? I found that our newest TV will do the updates automatically, but our older TV do no always do it. So I have had to go in a manually update the app on those TVs. And before I updated the app, those were the TV that would lag or drop for a minute.

And I’m with you on having every other streaming service. The one I find the most finicky is MAX.
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