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Kotobukiya Superman & Batman Rebirth Artfx+ Statues

Superman & Batman Rebirth Artfx+
by Kotobukiya

Check out the unboxing and review video in 4K resolution HERE.

We also do a comparison between the Artfx+ and their larger compatriots, the Artfx.

The newly released Batman (released May 2018) joins Superman, who was released in September 2017, in the Rebirth line of statues.

At 1/10 Scale, these pieces each stand around 7" tall. Superman is slightly taller, although standing more upright than Batman, but the Dark Knight looks slightly bulkier than the Man of Steel. Each statue comes with a flat metal base, and the magnets on the soles of their feet allow the statues to stick firmly to the base. Due to the magnetic connection, you can rotate them to any angle you can pose these guys as a team-up, World's Finest style, or you can move them around on their metal bases to square off, a la Batman v Superman. Any option you choose looks pretty great. But, no worries if you do not like the base, because each piece can stand on its own as well.

Superman's New52 costume made waves by ditching the iconic red undies, and this rebirth costume takes it one step further and also eliminates the red boots. The excessive panel lining of the New52 version is gone, though, so I see this costume as a step back closer to traditional comic book attire. The paint on this Superman piece is actually surprisingly good. For a piece in this price range you may not expect such well done shading to bring out the muscles, but this piece definitely has it. A nice clean paint app, even on the tricky areas such as the embossed chest logo really help this piece pop. Although this is a basic static museum pose, the flowing cape helps to add a dynamic flair. Seam lines between the shoulders and upper arm and at the jaw line are very well hidden, to the point where they are hardly noticeable.

A dark purple lining the inside of his cape, orange lining on the utility belt, and an orange outline around the bat chest logo give Batman's Rebirth costume that splash of colour missing from many of his previous outfits. The purple on the inside of the cape will help Batman pop off the pages in the comics, so I quite like that change. On this statue, though, I find it a little less noticeable. Batman stands in a slightly more dynamic pose than his World's finest counterpart, grasping the tip of a batarang, which he will surely be launching at a helpless enemy with expert precision. The batarang is a separate piece, so be careful you don't drop it...not that it is at risk of breaking, but it is quite tiny and could easily go hiding in plain sight on your floor! This piece has another clean paint application, virtually no slip ups that I can see. The muscle shading is a little less pronounced than on Superman, but Mr. Wayne is slightly bulkier than the Man of Steel. Seams at the lower edges of the deltoids and along the jaw line are definitely more noticeable here than on Superman, but aren't distracting enough to be a cause for major concern.

Both statues are made of PVC, which can be a bit of a dirty word for some statue collectors. I believe that as long as you know beforehand what you are getting, there should be no problem. PVC works well for these pieces, and holds the details very well (notably the flowing capes and Superman's hair). Of course, the biggest advantage of PVC in my opinion is the stress-free experience of not having to worry about damage. These statues are strong, sturdy, and can take a beating, which makes them great for younger/beginner collectors. The windowed packaging does a nice job of protecting the piece during transit, and also allows you to see exactly what you are buying before making your purchase. These statues retail at $64.99 USD and can typically be found in local comic stores, and sometimes bigger stores such as Toys 'R' Us (yes, they are still alive and kicking in Canada) and WalMart.

Overall, bang for the buck is extremely good on these Artfx+ statues. Whether you are new to the hobby or just breaking in, these statues can look great on your shelves. I definitely recommend checking these out when you get the chance.

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