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Originally Posted by Das Brutah View Post
Always been a fan of Jim Leeís art... just not his Batman, or at least certain aspects of how he draws the character. With that said I think this piece looks great.... except the tiny head. WTF is going on with this and the Superman Hush statues tiny head problem (the Superman statue is almost laughable... no disrespect to artist)?

What are the chances they will listen to fan feedback and alter the size of the head? I havenít read the different posts in the Superman or Batman Hush threads. Has there been any type of comment or response back from Prime One on this? Have they made adjustments in the past?

It would be a significant improvement and one I believe will translate to more sales, and more importantly maintaining the quality of their overall brand.
Originally Posted by SONICobra View Post
CAN someone bring this up to them on facebook? i was planning on doing my own thing but would be nice if i didnt have to
IIRC, they did comment that they were going to look into making Supe's head slightly larger. As for Bat's, since it's up for PO, I have no idea what action they would take. I imagine that they'd want to keep the head sizes similar and would need to upscale Batman's head, too.
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Originally Posted by boibleu22 View Post
I imagine that they'd want to keep the head sizes similar and would need to upscale Batman's head, too.
i hope so but if no one brings it up to them they may try to let it slide. its not as glaring as it was with supes but at certain angles it does appear to be a little on the small side, thats a fair critique
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