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Matches Malone
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Originally Posted by Bmutha View Post
Wow...I'm waaayyy late to this thread, but I'm from Edmonton. Cold winters as people have mentioned, but beautiful summer and fall. I'd take our summers over the constant clouds and rain in Vancouver any day of the week.

VS1976...Canada is a first world nation, and you can have a high quality lifestyle all across the country. Your narrow minded attitude makes it pretty easy to see why people from your area aren't all that well liked in other areas of the country. Keep your bad attitude on the west coast...fine by me.
Funny you mentioned that I was just reading that Vancouver has one of the highest suicide rates in the world; attributed to the lack of sunlight, a dynamic also seen in Scandanavian countries.

We have a new neighbour who moved his computer animation company from Vancouver to Calgary for that very reason. He just finished his second winter here and said the trade of a month or two of colder weather for sunshine 12 months a year was well worth it. (On a SF side note they did the Afganistan sequence in IM1 and tons of District 9)

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A day without sunshine is like... night.
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Lack of sunshine in Calgary too from the forest fires
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I agree with Calgary.
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