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Originally Posted by Mister H View Post
So just got one of these in. Zigana PX-9. Never owned a Turkish gun before. It's not bad. It's not a Glock or a Sig Sauer but it gets the job done. Overall it was worth what I paid.

Wow, a Turkish gun called Zigana, huh... Looks like a nice piece.

My father has two guns, one 9mm and the other is 7.65mm. But i don't remember the brand names. I need to ask, i think i have never asked what their brand names were.

I remember trying to lift 7.65 when i was 4 years old or something... It was too heavy for me. Watching the Rambo III back then, i felt worthless for not even being able to lift a gun... hahahaah Rambo was lifting a mini gun for crying out loud, the feeling of worthlessness all over me back then... haahah
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