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Originally Posted by silentwinter92 View Post
Er, since forever. You don’t ever want a light statue when a person can casually brush pass it and it falls over due to the lack of downward centrifugal force. Especially when you look at this and he seems to be top heavy. Even when you look at the documentary, he seems to be shaking quite abit.
Big tip. Don't put statues where people can brush past them.

He's a thin limbed character with a chest for a body....he's only gonna weigh what he weighs....they can't make it weigh more than it is lol were not talking a huge character clad in thick armour.

I'm sure F4f will do everything they can to make this structurally sound, infact I know for a fact they'll be running a metal skeleton through the entire thing. A bit of flex here and there is a good thing it's usually when things are super rigid that they break...
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