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Originally Posted by Enygma214 View Post
Anyone with the Gotham by Gaslight or Jace Fox, can you tell me the production run? Just got my Cowan piece and it's 263/630. Guess the runs are extremely low and I was curious if those were also. Trying to update my little statue database.
Yeah, it would've been good to know that ES for the Cowan piece. They are really making this hard. I had it in my cart, but just didn't pull the trigger. If I had known that ES, I probably would have. That's a long way away from the days of an ES of 5000 for the B&W statues.
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Geez, why can't they do this in 1/4 scale?
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The artist of the statue is Mitch Gerads. I have never heard of him before. I have never seen this design before as well, but looks good. Pose is good as well. I will get it. You know what i really love about this line; It is always the Black and Gray costume. lol I have never really liked the Blue and Gray costume of Batman, even if he wears blue&gray most of the time in comics... Man, being powerless pisses me off. After 20 years of complaining about Blue&Grey costume... DC still prefers to use Blue&Gray in comics... I am very bitter about it... and will add, the people with real talent make films anyway. lol
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Originally Posted by MKS View Post
Agree on the boxes - boy do they take up space!!
I?ll say, I have multiple shelves in my basement storage room solely devoted to these empty boxes. It?s ridiculous, and part of the collector?s curse.
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