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Originally Posted by sovel View Post
Yeah i bought one too still 8 available ...
Did you got yours ? I see the listings from that seller have all been removed ..
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We got a tracking number with the shipper not receiving the package. Hence no movement.
Seller in question is no longer registered with ebay.
Don't think we will see it :-(
If not received on the day it is expected, we will file a dispute.

Too bad. Really wanted this piece to fix/repair.

We have movement on the tracking number!
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Old 09-17-2017, 08:29 AM   #3043
A day without sunshine is like... night.
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Great news!
It arrived yesterday. In original shipping box, With art box and all packing. Shipping box is numbered 274/500. I do not see this number any other place such as statue, statue base, etc..

My statue/kit (from ebay seller) had the neck broken, one neck cable was off and a hydraulic tube cleanly broken on a leg. I blame packaging on the broken neck. The foam to hold the statue in place is up against the forehead. This area should be open. The chest area should have been used instead to keep the statue in place for transit (all my opinion of course).

I drilled a hole into the neck and used an aluminum tube to reinforce this area. The other parts were simply put back into place.

All parts that I repaired above were glued together using two part epoxy.
I also used Floquil paints for touch up (Platinum Mist mixed with Engine black, Bright Silver).

At the moment I am not planning on a repaint.

My take on the statue is... This does not feel like a $600 dollar statue. The material it is made from (?plastic?), the way it was glued together (glue strength) and it is painted poorly (some places don't have any paint!).

Overall, the detail is excellent but not perfect. I think the paint and glue application hinders some of the detail. Paint application was sloppy if non existing in some areas. This includes the 'gun'.

I fully understand the paint color choice and it looks good in person. It has a screen look to it.

Overall, for the price I paid vs the repairs I did... This is a keeper.

Bad cell phone pictures...



Fixed (gun not attached)...
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