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Your Favorite "Dark" Characters in the MU?

Who are your top 5 favorite characters in the Marvel Comic Universe who lean or are fully immersed in the Supernatural side of the streets?

5 - Satana - I've loved this succubus since she was 1st introduced in way back in Vampire Tales #2. Her costume, her relations in the MU, her staying power. Sure, she's been updated, but at her core, Satana's still cooler then hell.

4) Clea - I don't know what it is about this character but it's probably the way Frank Brunner drew her. Doc. Strange was almost married to her at one point, or married, I'm not quite sure. I really wish Marvel would use Clea more -

3) Jacob Russell The Werewolf By Night - Loved & ate-up every b Russell, The Werewolf Byissue this character has been in. Marvel tool the wolfman' mythos & fleshed it out in a completely trippy & fun way.

2) The Zombie, Simon Garth - Just a riveting, complete, mid-70's series dealing with the fall of a corrupt coffee-baron turned zombie.

1) Doctor Strange - nuff' said.

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The Dark Knight
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I love the film Blade actually. I'm not very fond of the comics version.
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Dr. Strange first.

Dracula second.

Blade third

Morbius fourth.

Werewolf by Night fifth.

Frankenstein Monster sixth.

Simon Garth seventh.

Ghost Rider eighth.

Son of Satan ninth.

Satana tenth.

Gene Colan Dracula? In Hand!!
And The Monster of Frankenstein? In Hand!!
Next? Will we ever see Werewolf by Night?!
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