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Jaydee Models - Artemis

Looks like Artemis is finished.....
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Nice! I'm borderline as to whether or not I want to purchase as I've run out of space and have quite a few statues on reorder. If anyone is curious, I asked about what was done to support the statue. I'll include the response to put possible concerns at ease.

"The leg has two 1/4 inch aluminum rods running up to the torso and down into the base. The body, head and other leg are hollow cast, the entire sculpture weights around 1.2 kg"

Official Announcement

"Jaydee models is proud to present Artemis goddess of archery a 1/4 scale resin statue.

Artemis -

Goddess of the hunt, forests and hills, the moon, and archery.

She has several symbols, the bow, arrow, a hunting dog, the moon.

For my portrayal of Artemis, I started with archery as I immediately had a pose in mind, the difficulty with the design was working out how to practically have a dramatic pose resting on the tip of her boot and keep everything balanced.

Once Id made some mock ups to test the weight and balance would work, I knew I could go straight into sculpting the figure.

I chose a strong, athletic body which could show the power of her leap from the cliff top, turning and shooting her arrow in mid air.

Artemis has a determined look on her face and just a hint of a smile showing how much she enjoys the hunt and the kill, her piercing green eyes look past her arrow directly into the eyes of her prey.

For her armour I wanted to show her link to the forests with a tree emblem spreading out over the three chest plate sections, finished in a polished steel.

The chest plate and crown are removable to give her more display options.

The base has an upper and lower section, the lower section has a marble finished look to it which perfectly compliments the upper cliff top rock base. The underneath is finished in a nice rich burgundy velvet adding a nice quality to the sculpture.

Finishing off the look of Artemis is her leather style skirt with polished steel finished buckles and one large armour belt buckle, leg bands, arm bands and buckles on her boots.

Her skin has a fine detailed and realistic look to it, this is achieved with many subtle layers of colour overlapping and finished with faint freckles and moles.

�Size 1/4 scale.

�Limited to 150 signed and numbered on the base. �

22 inches tall (55 cm )

12 inches wide (30 cm)

6 inches deep (15 cm)

Weight 1.2 kg approx"

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Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.
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This would look pretty cool next to XM's new Thor statue..
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Gyro Zeppeli
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That's a really cool statue
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pose is really cool.
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