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DC Premium Collectibles Samurai Series The Riddler 1/4 Scale Limited Edition Statue

Pre-order here:

Perched atop a curious tree along a dusty road sits an enigmatic figure draped in green Sengoku (Warring States) period clothing, beckoning travelers to partake in a simple game of wits.

Though masquerading as a seemingly innocent peddler with his Gyosho Bako (peddler?s chest) full of wares - if one were to peer within the intricately carved wooden box - they will find, to their abject horror, various assassination tools. Seen holding on to a Shakujo (a pilgrim?s staff), The Riddler is accompanied by a little red fox hiding diminutively beneath a tree branch.

Forming part of a crime syndicate associated with the Penguin Daimyo and The Joker Orochi, with an eye on recruiting unsuspecting common folk into doing their evil bidding, The Riddler lures them with untold rewards should they manage to beat him in a game of Go, played on a Goban (Go board) that?s been built into the top of the Gyosho Bako. After all, a man with an adorned Jingasa (war hat), albeit with a questionable crest, ought to be of noble bearings.

Manipulated into gambling their life away, The Riddler gives desperate victims a way out of their predicament by offering them a riddle. If they manage to solve it, they are free to go. If they fail, a simple choice is given. Execute nefarious plans for the syndicate? Or die.

Alas, this is but another cruel trick they would fall for, as only one person has ever been known to solve any of these dastardly riddles.
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