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d rod
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Alterton Interview

Alterton was nice enough to answer some foolish questions for us. Check out his site and works and continue to support him as he has always supported us!

Typically, interviews ask you the same questions. Favorite sculpt, who you want to sculpt and so on. I think if they want your bio, they can Google it. Let's get into the questions we really want to know. The stupid ones...ok, we'll throw a couple of work related ones in there.

If you were a kitchen appliance, what would you be?
A spoon, always be the spoon!

If you were then sold on eBay, what would be the final price?
(-) 1 buck

Hollywood calls (yes, the city itself can make phone calls) and want to make a movie about you. Who would you want to play your role?
Henry Hugglemonster (yeah, yeah I have a 3 year old daughter)

First job you ever had?
Food delivery boy at a friend's Food House!

First licensed piece you sculpted?
Thor, the God of Thunder for Art Asylum, released by Diamond Select Toys.

If I told you I dated supermodels and was allergic to flying coach, would you judge me?

No, you are dating supermodels for the love of God!!!

Are you a gamer and if so, what do you play?
Not so much, but I still re-play Carmageddon every once in a while, and some Need for Speed too!

Did Maradona actually get fouled all those times?
Of course, no doubt about it.

Does the NBA realize that Maradona invented the "flop"?
Sorry, not a basketball fan… so I will go with "No"

What did you have for dinner last night?
Four cheeses pizza!

You get offered a free ticket to vacation anywhere in the world. Where would you go and why?
Home, because I hate traveling!!!!

Jeans or khakis?

If you were to be a fanboy of something, what would it be (you can't pick anything related to pop culture)?
Car Races

What project(s) are you working on?
Mcfarlane's Rabbids Invasion toys and some unannounced licenses and Aliens stuff for Hollywood Collectibles Group. And pushing forward with my "Of Darkness & Damnation" brand. Check here to learn a bit more of it.

What was the last statue/bust that you sculpted?
Several pieces at a time, Rabbids related, Aliens related and can't say the rest!

Dog or pony?

German Sheppard

Led Zepp is cutting a song with U2 and Linkin Park. They want a fourth. Jay Z or P Diddy?
None of them for the love of God!!! James Hetfield

If you weren't working in this industry, where do you think you would've ended up?
Don't forget I am a dentist, so probably I would have ended at some clinic or something and giving speeches on how 3d is good for the teeth and how cool it would be to have a superhero shaped tooth!

Hollywood calls back. Your movie was a flop and need to recoup funds. They need a new superhero movie that hasn't been done, what character would you suggest?
Thor…cause the ones they made don't represent him at all!!!!

Perhaps the best-known irrational numbers are: the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter π, Euler's number e, the golden ratio φ, and the square root of two √2. Which one is your favorite?
Zero, always zero

You're in an alternate universe and get the choice of being one: famous athlete or famous singer?
Messi singing Heavy Metal!

What kind of disadvantages do international sculptors have (compared to living in the USA where most companies are located)?
Local international laws for sending and receiving physical pieces, and taxes for foreign money. Example: if a company sends me an artist proof free of charge and free shipping, with custom taxes here I would pay for it like 3 times above the market price if I wanted to receive it.

How difficult is it to stay focused on a project instead of watching reruns of CSI:Miami?
Sorry, not a fan of TV series… but staying away from internet is really difficult!!

Bam! They now sent you to another alternate world. Janitor or ditch digger?

What has excited / motivated you the most this year?
The releasing of Hollywood Collectibles Group The Cleric 1/4 massive statue!!!! The Cleric is a character of my storyline, so I hope fantasy fans dig it!!!! Check here as it is gonna go for pre order soon….
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d rod
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Cleric Statue:
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Crush Mod
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Alterton is one seriously cool guy for certain. fun interview DAnny
Recasters suck big time!
Banning is what i do best!!!!
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JP Sarri
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Loved this interview, D. Keep them coming!
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