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Matches Malone
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Interview with PCS' Jerry Macaluso

A longtime contributor to the site, PCS Toys owner and founder Jerry Macaluso was gracious enough to take the time out of his schedule to participate in a quick interview with me for the Forum.

I hope you folks enjoy it and my utmost gratitude to Mr. Macaluso for playing along.

1. Here is the obligatory biography question, though in the case of those who are clearly living their passion, I am always captivated by what led you to where you are. So how did your get your start in the industry and what was the genesis of PCS?

JM - Some of my earliest memories are trying to sculpt Godzilla out of playdoh as a child, so I've been sculpting as far back as i can remember.

My original career ambition was movie special effects, and that's where I began working on movies such as Toxic Avenger Pt2-3, Ed Wood, Spielbergs A.I., Indian in the Cupboard, Gods and Monsters and a plethora of low budget horror films such as Amityville Horror, Children of the Corn and the Wishmaster series. I was also the special fx supervisor for season 1 of Power Rangers and Disney's Halloweentown.

Because of McFarlane Toys I rediscovered my love for action figures in the mid 90's and started sculpting in that business, working for everyone from Toybiz to McFarlane. I eventually realized I enjoyed toys and collectibles more than the film business and that lead to forming SOTA Toys in the late 90's.

I'm very proud of the products we created while I owned SOTA Toys but I decided to sell it in 2006 and focus on producing movies. I produced a few movies and then remembered how much I disliked the film business and went back to toys and collectibles by forming Pop Culture Shock Toys and Collectibles in, I think, 2008. At first it was more of a hobby but as demand grew I let the company grow with it.

2. Where, or rather when, would you go in a time machine?

JM - Very difficult question as I romanticize many time periods. To visit i would love to go to Europe during the Renaissance. However to live it would be the USA in the 50s.

3. If you were not living the dream as a sculptor, what you be doing?

JM - If I werent in the toy and collectibles business Id probably be back in films as a producer/director. I still might make another movie if I can find time.

4. If it is not showing your hand or puts you in a bad spot, what is your dream license?

JM - Toho Kaiju/Godzilla and Tatsunoko Gatchaman. Ive tried to get both with no success.

5. What was the most frustrating piece you ever brought, or failed to bring, to market?

JM - Probably the 1:4 scale Darkness (from the movie Legend) Action Figure back when I owned SOTA Toys. Something like 80% of them arrived broken at the waist because the packaging engineering was poor. Packaging engineering is a tricky part of the business as Im not an engineer so i have to take the word of the factory engineers that items will survive shipping.

6. Tons of incredible “comic book fanboy” movies coming out in 2016; (Batman v Superman, Deadpool, Civil War, X-Men Apocalypse, Suicide Squad and Dr. Strange). If you can only see ONE which would it be?

JM - Im going to say Dr. Strange. he is so different in flavor than the rest and Bennedict seems like the perfect casting. Im excited to see it.

7. What was your best fan experience and conversely what has been your worst?

JM - I've had so many great experiences. A San Diego Comic Con never passes without a few fans seeing me and telling me how special the Street Fighter action figures were to them. I honestly cant think of a bad experience with a fan. Sometimes they will tell me whats wrong with my company but Im okay with that as i want to know and want to approve and the fact that they took the time to tell me means they do see something good in us.

8. What is your greatest motivation as an artist?

JM - To become the best artist i can be.

9. You are kidnapped by pirates and “FORCED” to live out some years with a supermodel or actress/actor, who would it be?

JM - Well you wouldn't have to force me to spend a lot of time with Jennifer Love Hewitt. She seems like the perfect woman. Beautiful and nerdy.

10. What creation are you the proudest of?

JM - As of right now the Darkness from Legend 1:3 Statue as I think it is incredibly movie accurate and was very challenging.

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Baron Zemo
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Awesome. When was this interview conducted?
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Great interview, Thanks
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Thank you for The Interview....!
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Nice one !
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Awesome interview
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Great questions matches, thanks for the share!
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Awesome interview thanks
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Matches Malone
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Appreciate the feedback fellas
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