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d rod
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25 w/Danny Lim - Imaginarium Art

Company Name: IA TNT
Company Location:Singapore
Company Website: (click here) Imaginarium Art
Your Name: Danny Lim
Position: Owner

Typically, interviews ask you the same questions. Favorite sculpt, who you want to sculpt and so on. I think if they want your bio, they can Google it. Let's get into the questions we really want to know. The stupid ones...ok, we'll throw a couple of work-related ones in there.

1- If you were a motorized vehicle, what would you be?

Harley Davidson Fatboy would be perfect for me.

2- We now have to sell you on eBay, what’s the Buy It Now price?

Not for Sale!!

3- What’s your favorite character?

Wow, I’d spend weeks trying to decide the ONE. So, let’s just say way too many.

4- First job you ever had?

First Job would be in the Military, never had to chance to do anything apart from playing guitars.

5- What was the first statue that made you a fan of the industry?

Its about 25 years back, when I came across a comic store, I always love artistic stuff, my first glance was a classic superman 1:6 scale bust, I am not sure which brand was it. It hooked me right there and then, that’s when I said, I gotta to have this.

6- If you had to sculpt a non-pop culture statue, what would it be?

I wont do anything then…. Hahaha!.

7- What do you do when you want to relax?

Out with Kids by the sea, enjoy the breeze, or go to museum, you know, visit historical places and stuff like that

9- Ship cruise or flight?

Cruise please, I had always like the sea.

10- At what point of your business were you able to breath and say, I think I’ve made it in this industry?

When you get more and more haters on facebook?!

11- Do you prefer to dine in or eat out?

Dine in, my son to cook!!

12- You get offered a free ticket to vacation anywhere in the world. Where would you go and why?

To China’s Avatars filming location, its actually 600km away from me where I stay right now, I can be there in 1 day!! Never had the chance.

13- T-shirt or polos?

Death Metal Bands T-Shirts please!

14- You get a time machine and have to move to a different era, what era would you go to and why?

Back to Ancient China 2000 years ago, check out the pretty chicks….. )

15- What project(s) are you currently working on?

We are shifting our attention to Japanese animation robots, its going to be exciting in time to come, for now, we are working on Mazinkaiser and Dancouga Statue.

16- What was your most difficult piece to release and why?

Mark 17 1:2 Scale is the most difficult one, due to 22 lighting points, we have to figure out casting, light placements, the weight, am sure many of you got it, you know the weight. Parts and stuff like that, we took 3 months to complete a prototype, plus, we were new then, so a lot of time and effort were put I for Mark 17 Heartbreaker.

17- If you had to be a teacher, what would you teach?

Music teacher. Guitars Distortion effects and Double Pedal Drums only!

18- Drive or bike?

In Singapore – Bike

In China – Hummer please!

19- If you weren't working in this industry, where do you think you would've ended up?

I would rather hold a guitar to earn a living instead of a pen. Second option would be in the military.

20- Which sculptor can you say inspires you?

Well, there are a lot of great sculptors out there, anyone who make me say “wow” will inspire me.


21- You turn into a superhero, which one are you?

Antman, you can fly, shrink, enlarge, why not?

22- Dream vacation spot?

Not too much of a vacation guy, home would be good, in my own realm.

23- Is there any particular license or character that you’re looking forward to producing one day?

I would love to relive Bowen Designs’ legacy, simple 1:6 comic style statues, affordable. With new technology and good sculptors now. Enhanced with detailed cast, it would be exciting for me . One day perhaps.

24- What’s your favorite show to go to?

I would like to spend a day to watch again Hobbits 1-3 followed by Lord of the Rings 1-3.

25- Any work horror stories?

Would love to, however, its overcrowded with Pennywise, Mike Myers, Freddy Krueger. I collect Court of the dead from Sideshow. In time to come, maybe.

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Thanks,. Great work. Did he mention anything about more Transformers
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d rod
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I'll shoot him an email and see what he says.
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Thanks so much
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