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So finally unboxed and put mine together with Venom. All I can really say is wow. Not sure which one is worse. Kotos or the Diamond Select Premiere with the tendrils that don't want to stay in place.

First of all I'm not so up on the design for the long tendril insertion. Not sure if the short ones are the same way as they are still wrapped and in the box.

They are obviously resin (plastic probably would have been better with the insertion design and would have been much more forgiving) The section that inserts into Carnage is a smaller diameter then the rest of the tendril and is surrounded with a little rubber insert that I assume is supposed to keep them from twisting while displayed. Good concept I guess but doesn't really aid in installation. So much so on my last one I barely started to insert it and the tendril just snapped right above the rubber as I was finishing insertion. Naturally it was then stuck in his back and had to be dug out which in turn chipped some of the paint right around the hole along with a piece of Carnage. I guess I can only be thankful that the tendril itself without the insertion base still fits in the hole.

Move onto how the venom base mates up with the included platform. JESUS WTH! Terrible just terrible. No matter how I tried to place the Venom base onto the included Carnage base platform it just wasn't lining up and was sticking up here or over there. Apparently either these platforms aren't all molded the same or the Venom base wasn't molded the same across all castings. I ended up having to just basically force Venom's base down onto the Carnage platform so it was secure and not top heavy one way or the other not to mention leaving a huge gap on this end or that due to not clearing all the platform pieces. Naturally with being forced to do this I had two minor pieces chip off. One on the back side that you can't see while displayed from the platform and another off Venom's base on the corner of the stacked stones. I must have jacked around for 30+ minutes just trying to avoid having to force it together. For the cost of this thing I expected much more!

Then lets move onto joining the two statues together as intended. The clearance of Venom's shoulder and Carnage's left hand is way too close. No matter what angle you shoot for combining them a claw intersects into the shoulder. I initially put these together on my kitchen table before moving them this morning to a corner table behind my computer monitor. Needless to say I guess 2 times is too many for Venom's shoulder to hardly touch one of Carnage's claws as the tip snapped off. Again it didn't matter what angle of attack I attempted to combine these two it was just inevitable for them to touch right as the bases were completely mended together.

I'm pushing 40 so it's not like I don't know how to care for these type of things. I was as careful as possible while assembling these two and it just didn't matter. For $350 I expected much better out of Koto. With all the problems with design and execution I think this is better priced at around $170-$180 at best. Never would I have expected these kind of problems out of a $300+ statue especially not from Koto as they have always delivered for what you pay for. Maybe it's time to start investing into Sideshow instead.
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I just got this in, the Carnage sculpt and paints are fantastic!

All the big Tendrils looks dumb on him but 2 or 3 and mixing it up looks great!

Really impressed with it, nice that it's all resin but i do wonder why they made the change and hiked the price.

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Originally Posted by DeadGhostKnight View Post
So just saw this floating around and I think it looks great!

I own both the Spiderman and Venom so super happy to see Carnage coming too!
It is amazing!!
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