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A closed mouth gathers no foot.
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Originally Posted by majestic1 View Post
Randy Bowen is widely regarded as one of the finest sculpters in the business and is the father of the comic book statue collectable industry.
By the way how many 15 year olds do you know who could afford to buy Bowen statues ?

Your trolling is getting more obvious with every post you make.

You said it all
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A closed mouth gathers no foot.
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Originally Posted by forps View Post
Sideshow created this hobby....PERIOD. Bowen was producing "toys". NO WAY this hobby could get as popular as it is today with Bowen-style sculpts only. 80% of the collectors would stop buying anything with the rather chilidish sculpts of Bowen. Bowen "statues" are good when you are 15-20 years old. When you reach 40 years, NO WAYYYY....Sideshow gave the needed REALISM in the sculpts...Realism = JUSTIFICATION to buy something and be able to put it in your house without your wife/girlfriend/ friends freaking out.... The test was Skeletor from Sideshow vs Skeletor from PCS. 90% of collectors bought a Skeletor from Sideshow (1/5 scale) whereas at the same time they thought. NO WAY i will buy Skeletor from PCS, its toooooo "toyish"....Skeletor from Sideshow gave the chance to 90% of the collectors (35-40-50 years old) to buy a character from their childhood but with a more "modern" or better said, a "grown-up" look.

Skeletor from Sideshow looks like a "statue", PCS's looks like a "toy". This is the truth and this the reason why Sideshow sold out 2500 EXs and soon 4000 REGs. The usage of Stepan Sejic's art was an excellent move! It gave us the chance to buy something related with MOTU and simultaneously not oozing a "toy-vibe".

If all companies produced Bowen-style sculpts and used the Bowen-style paint schemes, the hobby would be 1/10 of what it is today. Sideshow GOT the true needs of collectors. Sculpts a bit more realistic rather than comic-goofy looking to be able to buy them when you over 15years-old and you have social life....

Simply as that. Sideshow gave realism, they gave us mixed media, they gave us 1/4, 1/2 etc scales, gave us a handful of licenses (not only Marvel or DC).

Sideshow created this hobby. PERIOD.

Back to the conversation, you should read my previous post. The hobby is going to stall and then go downwards in 1 year from now. The smaller "players" (XM, PCS, CC) should be ready and i advise them to cut some "slack" before the storm. Their licenses are too "poor" in a long-term basis (MK or SF for PCS and dino-related for CC) and they must find other "niche" markets. From the 3 smaller companies, PCS is better equipped, cause Jerry himself can sculpt muscular men and male anatomy like noone else on this planet. PCS should concetrate in that area.

ECC has zero problems (it allures the "elites") and Sideshow with Prime1 are clever enough to cooperate and obliterate the competition, they are not idiots to compete with each other till death...Cooperation is the key for them to dominate the market....
Is this literally the dumbest post ever?

Founded in 1992, Bowen Designs is a company dealing in the creation and sale of entertainment-based collectible statues

Sideshow was founded in 1993

I am over 40 and prefer my Bowens over sideshow most of the time. Bowens are comic accurate, everyone forgets these characters are COMIC BOOK characters.

I cant believe I was bated into responding to this obvious troll post but I HAVE to defend Bowen
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Originally Posted by forps View Post
So you are all right and i am a troll, a jerk, an idiot? Ok. Lets see...(before i start, lets say thanks to god, Sideshow "listened" to forps or better said the market and gave us an ENORMOUS Thanos, full of details, with modern touch and realism and complicate paint schemes. Thank you god - if you exist! Thanks for making Sideshow following the "forps way").

Sideshow and Adam West Batman.It is the ONLY 1/4 Adam West Batman in statue form. Edition size ? 750 ONLY. Where are the buyers? Even the Arkham Knight variants from Prime1 sold 4-5000 pieces in 1/3 scale! The reason why a MARVELLOUS sculpt from Sideshow such as Adam West 1/4 didnt sell ? The costume looks GOOFY and OUTDATED. PERIOD. PERIOD. Attention! I have po'ed 1 for my 2nd mancave (my strictly personal mancave). But NO WAY this statue goes in my main mancave. Its toooooo goofy looking, its not appropriate for a man @ his 40-50es.

Skeletor Sideshow vs PCS Skeletor? 6500 vs 600 edition sizes?

Hot toys Batmobile 1966. It was teased 4 or 5 years ago? Hot toys is not releasing it, cause it got burned by the sales of the 1/6 figures. It is TOO outdated and goofy looking for our times guys.

The new Avengers line from Sideshow. Look @ Iron man or Captain America. Too bland, too comic-looking = A DISASTER for Sideshow. Sales and es around 500 !!!

Nostalgia is good, Bowen is good with their childish sculpts and paints, but with Prime1 killing it or ECC giving to the collectors realism, NOBODY is going to fork out 500dol or more for an OUTDATED sculpt or something lacking in details....Bowen was good for that time, but we have entered a new era.

The market "speaks" for itself, not forps, the jerk, the idiot, the troll....

(explain to me the POOR sales of all outdated statues or figures or why Hot toys is not releasing 1966 Batmobile or why Sideshow got destroyed with their new 1/5 Avengers line and then we can speak about Bowen.

From around 50 people i know collecting and they are collecting "hard" - multiple statues per month, only 6 or 7 of them have Bowens in their collections, this is around 12-14% of the market today. Another 10 or more had Bowens and sold them, once Sideshow got in the game or the new companies. They simple state to me, that NO WAY they are returning to Bowen and the "toy" looking stuff.

Sideshow created this hobby. If only Bowen produced stuff, NO WAY successful businessmen or other people outside of the hobby would buy Bowen-style "toys" to put in their homes having a SOCIAL LIFE.

Skeletor showed this in extreme. How people swarmed in order to buy something "grown-up" looking from MOTU. At last, something they could put in their homes and doesnt look 100% like a toy!

Adam West, Skeletor, Batmobile 1966 or the new Avengers line from Sideshow are some examples. Collectors nowadays want

1) Big sculpts
2) Complicate sculpts
3) MODERN looking-sculpts and portraits
4) Realism
5) Paint schemes more complicate than ever

Sorry guys, nostalgia is good, but Sideshow cant afford to listen to 10-20 people here. You-we are only 3% of their customer base. And their 97% customer base wants NO-bowen style statues. Simple as that.

Sorry guys. Forps is telling the truth and what the market looks like today, i know some of you love Bowen or simple sculpts but Sideshow, Prime1, ECC etc, should listen to the MAJORITY of their customer base, not 10-20 people in this forum. Now you can mock me as much as you like. I am not going to say anything bad for you, i love you all...You are fellow geeks!!)
If you honestly think Statueforum only represents 10-20 statue collectors...well, that number isn't even close to being accurate. If you understood statistical analysis, you would recognize that StatueForum's membership size offers one a large enough sample size, at least in regards to more serious statue collectors, to be able in infer quite a bit about the more serious collectors out there that aren't members of StatueForum. In other words, your severely downplaying the information that can be gathered from this forum and its members opinions.

What this forum doesn't give you is a good statistical analysis of the not so serious statue collectors out there or the ones that buy just a few statues here and there and then call it a day as most people who take the time to join StatueForum and partake in the discussions on a regular basis are going to be more serious about the hobby than your average joe statue collector or the collectors that just buy a few statues and call it a day. So this forum would not be a good source of information on those collectors as the sample size would just wind up being way to low.

Still, your severely underestimating the value of the information that can be gotten from boards like this as you think that information is only relevant to the people in here. That is not the case. 3% may not sound like much but that is actually a very nice sample size when it comes to statistical analysis and again that info can be used to infer quite a bit about the more serious statue collectors out there that are not members of StatueForum. So the opinions in here reflect a much larger portion of the market than your realizing. I can't give any specific figures as I don't know what percentage of the market is made up of serious collectors vs not so serious collectors, but I do know that there are a LOT of serious statue collectors out there that are not members of StatueForum (I know 2 myself) so again, I also know that the opinions in here reflect a much larger portion of the market than you think it does.

As for your opinion on what is or isn't acceptable for a "man cave", that is nothing more than subjective opinion. Nothing more and nothing less and there is no right or wrong when it comes to subjectivity. So just because you think its goofy to dispay an Adam West Batman does not make it so. That is just your opionion on the matter. I can just as easily say that it isn't goofy and my statement is just as credible as yours, regardless of the number of people that believe either side.

As for why the Adam West Batman hasn't sold well, or any other statue for that matter over the last year, that could easily be for lots of different reasons other than it being "goofy" to most people. The most relevant is the fact that it was released during a period where a CRAPLOAD of other amazing statues were released and people's priorities were for other statues. I guarantee had that Adaw West Batman been released 2 years ago, I would have ordered one in a heartbeat, but since I already had over 20 pre orders on the books, I couldn't afford to add him. Tweeterhead's Newmar Catwoman was from the same period and it sold very well.

The biggest problem with this post, and many of your other posts, is that you have a lot of opinions that you deem as facts. You think you have it all figured out, why particular statues aren't selling well, what the market wants or doesnt want, what is or isn't aceptable in a "man cave", etc. Their all just opinions, nothing more and nothing less. I have seen absolutely zero legitimate data to back up any of your claims. And to run around thinking your subjective opinions on matters are absolute facts is incredibly naive.
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