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From high end film replicas to mood rings...
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Originally Posted by 67L88Stingray View Post
Looks to me like someone purchased the "brand" name to act like they have been in business for 10 years when they obviously haven't.
Reminds me of Master Replicas. I think they've gone through three different owners who've made "we're back!" posts that never bared fruit.

Originally Posted by Kefka2200 View Post
Lol this is a joke. I would be surprised if they have any original minds behind this. I love their comment on movie collectibles and now expanding to antique jewelry?clearly this is garbage and they have no intention of building back anything. This was a name purchase and that?s all.

The first thing i see when i clicked on antique rings is a mood ring. Give me a break.
Well mood rings ARE from the 1970s... over 50 years ago.
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