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Old 12-02-2021, 09:21 PM   #271
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Originally Posted by darren1228 View Post
There are definitely XM pieces that I'm super wowed by but they are few and far between (Scorpion and Iceman are my favorites). I've never clicked with their art direction and Sideshow still has the best portraits imo.

I wouldn't pick up most XM pieces even if they were priced the same as SS. Sideshow wins for me nearly every time and I have a feeling that SS Nightcrawler will be better as well. Likely won't be buying though as I wanted a spiky hair portrait with teeth showing.

Totally agree, on everything. But, though a bared fang portrait would have truly completed the work, this sculpt, as is, is just too good to pass. And I?m not going to hope for a better version sometime in the next five years or more. Besides, as someone already mentioned, a custom portrait version should be already in the works, and even with the extra expense(?), still cheaper & better than anything XM.
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Old 12-02-2021, 10:29 PM   #272
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Fantastic piece.
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Old 12-02-2021, 10:56 PM   #273
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Originally Posted by Demona View Post
You still not going to pick this up despite the hairline? The hairline will not stop me from getting this.

I am going to wait to see it in person before deciding if I want to bite the bullet on a second for a custom repaint to the black lightning suit. Or better yet, hope that Sideshow gives Storm fans another bonus variant like they did the first time around!!
Storm's hairline is the reason why I'm undecided on her, I really wish there had been a 2nd portrait.

If the production piece fixes the hairline issue, I will get on board, if not, well there is always next time. Who knows, maybe someone will release a 1/4 scale savage land Storm or Rogue
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Old 12-03-2021, 12:31 AM   #274
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Originally Posted by Bill Lehecka View Post
Up for preorder now.

Very strange, there?s no expected to ship by date.

It's been a long wait for this. So stoked that it's finally here. And most of all's a great sculpt to boot!

If there is a custom classic portrait ...I'm buying.
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Old 12-03-2021, 05:26 AM   #275
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Expected to Ship: Oct 2022 - Dec 2022

Looks like I have a lot of time to jump on the P.O.

I just don't see the need anymore of having to order so early when you have year before its released and the ES probably going to be a decent amount. Will order once we get closer to the release dates. But definitely a piece that I would like to have in my collection. No denying that this piece is well put together, just hate the long wait until it's released. A good probability we're going have to wait beyond this said timeline.
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Old 12-03-2021, 06:51 AM   #276
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Man I wish they would of centered him and hsd his head looking straight

Piece to me literally looks better from the back and side

Than straight on

Most likely ill probably get it though

Since I like nightcrawler and hes one of the wussie X-Men so not done a lot
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Old 12-03-2021, 07:12 AM   #277
Black Cat
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They did a good job on Nightcrawler!
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Old 12-04-2021, 01:11 AM   #278
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Wow, imo this is one of the best 1/6 scale pieces Ive seen. Colors are so fantastic, and just pop so much. Incredible work all around!
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Old 12-04-2021, 01:13 AM   #279
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Originally Posted by joelyface View Post
Wow, imo this is one of the best 1/6 scale pieces Ive seen. Colors are so fantastic, and just pop so much. Incredible work all around!
This piece is 1/4 scale.
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