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Yes I know. This pretty much was one of the last piece I wanted.
With 11 years of statue collecting I am getting out. Real shame this was an awesome piece.
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Old 08-11-2017, 12:25 AM   #182
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Originally Posted by Kinetiquettes View Post
Thanks for all the kind words and advice, everyone! It was really a hefty investment for us and we apologize for not being able to see this project to fruition. We also had a lot of hiccups along the way which caused delays and the nail in the coffin was the poor PO numbers. But we did learn a lot from this and we hope to do much better for you guys in the future in terms of pricing and size.

We do this because we love all these memorable characters and want to represent them the best way we can for you all. We will keep fighting and we do have a lot more coming.


I truly hope you guys can reconsider. This piece was amazing and a must have. I think with your edition size, it will sell out. Specially when some have it in hand. Not as two separate statutes, but as this amazing work of art diorama you created. Alternately, I can see a smaller scale working because it lowers the price, but hopefully not too much smaller (1/6 maybe). I hope you guys can apply what you learned from this piece in order to release it. I'm truly bummed I won't be able to own this. I've seen other ThunderCats statues that are great, but this is the one to own, this is the one that would make my collection. Please contemplate it and see what you need to do to make it and release it. It will sell out, it's too awesome not too...
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