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Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change
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Originally Posted by Shanesg View Post
There's absolutely no evidence to prove that low es=better quality or vice versa. I can understand why someone would think that, but it's simply not the case. There has been both bad and good qc on low and high es statues.
Originally Posted by ambasah View Post

a factory painter does exactly that...paint...for x hours per shift day after day. It is a job just like the rest of us have. whether they paint 5000 batmans or 10 ninja turtles...they paint.

qc has nothing to do with it. in fact, an argument can be made that doing the same thing over and over should make the final product better.

in reality, it boils down to the pride a worker has in doing their job. All of us have co-worker's who don't give a $hit and others who try their best. Why would it be any different in a factory in China.
Originally Posted by Killer Instinct View Post
You should educate yourself, if a factory produces less pieces their painters are less likely to get tired of doing their job and perhaps wouldn't half ass the paint app.

You also need to mind your own business since you always look to pounce on me for my posts. You are not a mod in this section to kick rocks.
I think its more of a QC issue and becomes a Quality issue. As the Prototypes with SSC tend to have the best painters with the best paint applied. They intentionally dress it up to look its best. Kinda like the gimmicks to add light effect or photoshop the statues to make them pop more in the Ads. Some people mentioned earlier that its not a big deal when they make burgers looks better, but I see it as more of an issue when ur buying a $1000 dollar statue. So rather than having rich full colors, you end up with dull and flat that requires a repaint.

Also the higher the ES size, and poor QC...sloppy paint occurs or whatever happened to Wolverine's teeth in the Wolverine Vs Hulk Dio, plus the other issues propping up.

But people have pointed out that some of the newer ones have gotten better. I haven't heard issues with Gladiator Hulk and I thought Superman looked fine, even tho that weak base and Cape issue is messed up. It also seems like SSC is putting a lot of love into this project so I hope they are also putting the money into it as well rather than cutting corners, as I think a lot collectors fear that.
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The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it back in your pocket.
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Also you cant have a forward facing head at all. I think its beyond too late at this point. The neck is turning to the left. It wouldnt match a forward facing head at all.
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