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Old 08-14-2022, 02:18 PM   #28601
Baron Zemo
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Join Date: May 2006
Location: we know each other, he's a friend from work
Posts: 16,313
Prey 8/10. Really enjoyed it.
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Old 08-14-2022, 08:09 PM   #28602
The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it back in your pocket.
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Watched The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent and it was really good! 8/10
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Old Yesterday, 03:15 AM   #28603
Black Cat
Beta Ray BIll
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Location: Florida
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Bullet Train 7/10 (keep in mind I can't stand Brad Pitt either but still enjoyed it very much).
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Old Yesterday, 10:30 AM   #28604
New Gods
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Join Date: Dec 2008
Location: United Kingdom
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Prey 6/10

Enjoyable enough at times, but I'm a bit bemused as to the numerous claims of it being a masterpiece, better than the original etc. Prey had things to like in it, but it didn't really do anything different, nor did it make you care about any of the characters outside of the Dog and the brother (Both great) The French guys were laughable caricatures. The Predator itself also had none of the tact of his predecessors, basically walking right up to his victims and just tanking damage rather than using his agility and stealth. He also looks atrocious when he removed his mask, Mr Winston would be rolling in his grave. I hope we can end this game of trying to one up each Predator design now and just get back to how they should look. This one looks and acts so differently to the City and Jungle hunters that it may as well be a different species all together. I don't know, maybe I'll try it again in a few months, but I went in to this one genuinely excited, with high expectations and it's one dimensional cast, cgi animals (And blood etc etc) And sub par creature design didn't meet them. Predator is in a different league and both Predator 2 and Predators are better movies imo. This had a nice concept that it could and probably should have done more with. Although it is worth an hour and a half or so of your time...
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