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Deadpool Bust (WIP)

Started a Deadpool bust for a friend at work, his favorite character and I want to get something simple.
Couldn't find my sketch pad so there was zero pre planning for proportions or pose. It is a work in progress and there are still quite a few things that look off somehow (constructive criticism wanted) but I'm working slowly towards fixing small areas at a time that help me wrap my head around the feature next to it and sooner or later it will all look right. I feel like I'm somewhere around 60% done, once I work out the anatomy/form I'll get the costume is going to get fleshed out. For this sculpture I'm playing with fabric tension to help make such a simple bust have some level of motion and interest. I'm going to have a shoulder harness, maybe some pouches, and sword on his back. I also want to have some bullet holes in the chest/body to expose some of the gnarly skin and wet blood for added contrast. I still haven't deciding where exactly I'm going to end it and transition to the base but the clay will tell me later.
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