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Points to Energy Bolt in Maplestory 2

These types may be the only true"healing course" for your allies within this sport (even though soul binder comes with a few healing abilities, they rarely utilize it).

The priest course doesn't have a lot of damage coping skills, as well as the harm dealing skills are lower in harm. However, they compensate for this particular lack of damage that has many different unique buffs which make your allies super strong and guarded.

The priest's chief skills are"Heal," which heals allies, and"Angel Ray," which does some harm. However, the buffs who makes these types effective are"Heaven's Blessing, Holy Symbol," which provides incredible fans for allies, and"Holy Spirit's Energy" which immensely raises allies' harm. These kids are not meant for just anybody, and when you want you had more harm, then don't take part in the priest course.

A simple to experience kind of a category. Rune Bladers can switch backwards and forward, mid and prolonged range, and all these abilities allow you to have a brassy combo for visual.

The most powerful reason for Rune Bladers is that there is a buff called"Rune Square" that enables you to definitely increase both you and your allies' critical damage. All these were heavily nerfed before, therefore the current quantity of Rune Bladers in KMS2 is extremely low.

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