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Question Safest way to unglue/separate parts on a resin figure?

Hello all, apologies if this isn’t the right spot to post, but I figured maybe sculptors would know what to do. Basically, I’m looking to have this figure customized:, with some added details and repainted faces.

From what I could tell on my copy, there aren’t many seams to work with, but there do appear to be grooves around the edges of the girl’s hair and, I assume, similar grooves for the boy’s hair. The way I figure, most commissioners could do the paint, sculpt, and assembly part no problem, but I worry that most if not all will balk at the disassembly ask.

I’ve poked around YouTube for pointers and stumbled on Vince Vell, who uses a screwdriver as a chisel, and a guy who takes apart Hot Toy cars using a spudger as a lever. But this figure is 1/8, and I worry it won’t be able to withstand a screwdriver (maybe the spudger will be doable). Does anyone have any advice for other methods I could try to loosen any glue that might be attaching the hair to the heads? Since I would like sculpting work done on the boy’s hair, I’d like to remove both hairs with minimal damage, if possible.

EDIT: In case anyone else wants to try this, submerging this in lots and lots of boiling water over and over and gently pulling/wiggling/wedging it apart worked for me. I tested the boiling water on a small part first to verify it wouldn’t mess with the paint job.

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