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Fat Head
What happens if you get scared half to death twice?
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Artist's Experience & Rating Thread

If you've got any questions about the thread, please PM me instead of posting it here.

How this will work is that any artist added to the list will start at ZERO. I'm only gonna add people as we acquire reviews for them, so there's not a hundred names with a zero next to it, that'd be pointless. When you write a review for an artist, you'll state whether you'd like a +1 or a -1 for each artist based off the experience. Each member can only vote for an artist once (you can write multiple reviews for the same artist, but they will only count once), but has no limit on the number of different artists they can vote for. I will update a master score list here in the first post, and I will try to link to the different reviews directly below the artist's name.

This will work on the honor system. Please write a short review for each artist and be as objective as possible about your review, try to talk about what occurred. If you have a personal vendetta against an artist, please refrain from factoring that into your reviews if at all possible. We want this list to be dependable and ultimately be a good source for Artists AND Collectors (new and old) to come to. It's too easy to just say +1 or -1 for anyone, and we want everyone to be able to come to the thread and see why the artists getting the score they do. In the interest of fairness, I will not add your score unless there is a review attached to it.

As far as what to review, try to cover things like deadlines, communications, price, quality (what expected, less than expected, better than expected). Try not to just have something like "I like his art, he's a nice guy". That doesn't help anyone if you think about it. Also, we should just keep this to artists, not sculptors too. Sculpting has it's own section. I figure this list should be for at home commissions or if an artist took a piece home from the con. If they completed it at the convention, then we'll leave it off this list.

Artist's Overall Scores (organized by first name, alphabetically):

Aaron Lopresti: +1
Reviews for Aaron:Review #1
Al Rio: +1
Reviews for Al:Review #1
Alex Owens: +2, -2
Reviews for Alex:Review #1 (+), Review #2 (+), Review #3 (-), Review #4 (-)
Alex Sinclair: +1
Reviews for Alex:Review #1
Amanda Conner: +1
Reviews for Amanda:Review #1
Ande Parks: +1
Reviews for Ande:Review #1
Andy Carreon: +1
Reviews for Andy:Review #1
Andy Macdonald: +1
Reviews for Andy:Review #1
Andy Price: +1
Reviews for Andy:Review #1
Anthony Castrillo: +1, -1
Reviews for Anthony:Review #1 (-), Review #2 (+)
Ardian Syaf: +1
Reviews for Ardian:Review #1
Art Baltazar: +1
Reviews for Art:Review #1
Art Child: +1
Reviews for Art:Review #1
Bill Lux: +1
Reviews for Bill:Review #1
Bob Layton: +3
Reviews for Bob:Review #1, Review #2, Review #3
Bob McLeod: +1
Reviews for Bob:Review #1
Brent Schoonover: +1
Reviews for Brent:Review #1
Brett Booth: -1
Reviews for Brett:Review #1
Brian LeBlanc: +1
Reviews for Brian:Review #1
Buzz: -6
Reviews for Buzz:Review #1, Review #2, Review #3, Review #4, Review #5, Review #6
Cal Slayton: +1
Reviews for Cal:Review #1
Carlos Gomez: +1
Reviews for Carlos:Review #1
Chase Conley: +2
Reviews for Chase:Review #1, Review #2
Chris Mason: +1
Reviews for Chris:Review #1
Chris McJunkin: +1
Reviews for Chris:Review #1
Chris Staggs: +1
Reviews for Chris:Review #1
Chris Stevens: +13
Reviews for Chris:Review #1, Review #2, Review #3, Review #4, Review #5, Review #6, Review #7, Review #8, Review #9, Review #10, Review #11, Review #12, Review #13
Chris Uminga: +4
Reviews for Chris:Review #1, Review #2, Review #3, Review #4
Craig Rousseau: +1
Reviews for Craig:Review #1
Cully Hamner: +1
Reviews for Cully:Review #1
Dan Brereton: +2
Reviews for Dan:Review #1, Review #2
Danielle Soloud: +1
Reviews for Danielle:Review #1
Dave Gibbons: +1
Reviews for DaveReview #1
Dave Watcher: +1
Reviews for DaveReview #1
David Finch: +4
Reviews for David:Review #1, Review #2, Review #3, Review #4
David Mack: +1
Reviews for David:Review #1
David Rivera: +1
Reviews for David:Review #1
Denys Cowan: +1
Reviews for Denys:Review #1
Dick Giordano: +2
Reviews for Dick:Review #1, Review #2
Don Kramer: +1
Reviews for Don:Review #1
Dustin Nguyen: +1
Reviews for Dustin:Review #1
Drew Charipar: +4
Reviews for Drew:Review #1, Review #2, Review #3, Review #2
Eddie Nunez: +3
Reviews for Eddie:Review #1, Review #2, Review #3
Eddy Newell: -1
Reviews for Eddy:Review #1
Emanuela Luppachino: +2
Reviews for Emanuela:Review #1, Review #2
Eric Canete: +1
Reviews for Eric:Review #1
Eric Powell: +1
Reviews for Eric:Review #1
Ernie Chan: +2
Reviews for Ernie:Review #1, Review #1
Ethan Van Sciver: +2, -2
Reviews for Ethan:Review #1 (+), Review #2 (-), Review #3 (-), Review #4 (+)
Frank Brunner: +2
Reviews for Frank:Review #1, Review #2
Fred Hembeck: +4
Reviews for Fred:Review #1, Review #2, Review #3, Review #4
Freddie Williams III: +1
Reviews for Freddie:Review #1
Herb Trimpe: +2
Reviews for Herb:Review #1, Review #2
Ian Churchill: +1
Reviews for Ian:Review #1
Ivan Reis: +1
Reviews for Ivan:Review #1
Gabriel Hardman: +1
Reviews for Gabriel:Review #1
Gabrielle Dell'Otto: -1
Reviews for Gabrielle:Review #1
George Perez: +1
Reviews for George:Review #1
Gene Colan: +1
Reviews for Gene:Review #1
Gene Gonzales: +4
Reviews for Gene:Review #1, Review #2, Review #3, Review #4
Greg LaRocque: +1
Reviews for Greg:Review #1
Greg Moutafis: -1
Reviews for Greg:Review #1
J. Wade Webb: +1
Reviews for J. Wade:Review #1
Jamie Biggs: +1
Reviews for Jaime:Review #1
Jamie Fey: -2
Reviews for Jamie:Review #1, Review #2
Jason Metcalf: -1
Reviews for Jason:Review #1
Jainai Jefferies: +1
Reviews for Jainai:Review #1
Jeff "Armitage" Mallinson: +1
Reviews for Jeff:Review #1
Jeff Wamester: +2
Reviews for Jeff:Review #1, Review #2
Jason Sobol: +1
Reviews for Jason:Review #1
Jason Von Eden: -1
Reviews for Jason:Review #1
Jim Calafiore: +1
Reviews for Jim:Review #1
Jim Maddox: -1
Reviews for Jim:Review #1
Jim Cheung: +1
Reviews for Jim:Review #1
Jimmie Robinson: +1
Reviews for Jimmie:Review #1
Joe Lalich: +1
Reviews for Joe:Review #1
Joe Kubert: +1
Reviews for Joe:Review #1
John Beatty: +1
Reviews for John:Review #1
John Byrne: +4, -1
Reviews for John:Review #1 (+), Review #2 (+), Review #3 (-), Review #4 (+), Review #5 (+)
Jason Romita Jr.: -1
Reviews for John:Review #1
John Watson: +1
Reviews for John:Review #1
Jonboy Meyers: +1
Reviews for Jonboy:Review #1
Josh Howard: +1
Reviews for Josh:Review #1
Josh Lyman: +1
Reviews for Josh:Review #1
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Fat Head
What happens if you get scared half to death twice?
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The list is long enough now that it can't be contained in one post!

Karl Kerschl: +1
Reviews for Karl:Review #1
Kevin Nowlan: +3
Reviews for Kevin:Review #1, Review #2, Review #3
Mario Chavez: -1
Reviews for Mario:Review #1
Matthew Clark: +2
Reviews for Matthew:Review #1, Review #2
Matt Wagner: +1
Reviews for Matt:Review #1
Mel Rubi: +1
Reviews for Mel:Review #1
Michael Golden: -1
Reviews for Michael:Review #1
Michael Lopez: +1
Reviews for Michael:Review #1
Mike DeCarlo: +1
Reviews for Mike:Review #1
Mike Grell: +1
Reviews for Mike:Review #1
Nate Lovett: +1
Reviews for Nate:Review #1
Nate Stockman: +1
Reviews for Nate:Review #1
Neil Vokes: +1
Reviews for Neil:Review #1
Nick Bradshaw: +1
Reviews for Nick:Review #1
Norm Breyfogle: +1
Reviews for Norm:Review #1
Norman Lee: +1
Reviews for Norman:Review #1
Pablo Marcos: +1
Reviews for Pablo:Review #1
Paolo Pantela: +1
Reviews for Paolo:Review #1
Pat Broderick: +2, -1
Reviews for Pat:Review #1 (+), Review #2 (-), Review #3 (+)
Paul Green: +1
Reviews for Paul:Review #1
Paul Grist: +2
Reviews for Paul:Review #1, Review #2
Paul Renaud: +1
Reviews for Paul:Review #1
Paul Smith: +1
Reviews for Paul:Review #1
Phil Hester: +1
Reviews for Phil:Review #1
Phil Noto: -1
Reviews for Phil:Review #1
Philip Tan: +2
Reviews for Philip:Review #1, Review #1
Rags Morales: -2
Reviews for Rags:Review #1, Review #2
Rahsan Ekedal: +1
Reviews for Rahsan:Review #1
Ray Anthony Height: +1
Reviews for Ray:Review #1
Ray Dillon: -1
Reviews for Ray:Review #1
Rebekah Isaacs: +1
Reviews for Rebekah:Review #1
Rich Masters: +1
Reviews for Rich:Review #1
Richard Cox: +1
Reviews for Richard:Review #1
Richard Maurizio: +1
Reviews for Richard:Review #1
Rob Liefeld: +1
Reviews for Rob:Review #1
Rob Granito: +1
Reviews for Rob:Review #1
Robert Atkins: +1
Reviews for Robert:Review #1
Ron Frenz: +1
Reviews for Ron:Review #1
Ron Lim: +6
Reviews for Ron:Review #1, Review #2, Review #3, Review #4, Review #5, Review #6
Ron Wilson: +1
Reviews for Ron:Review #1
Ryan Bodenheim: +1
Reviews for Ryan:Review #1
Scott Kolins: +2
Reviews for Scott:Review #1, Review #2
Sean Chen: +1
Reviews for Sean:Review #1
Sean Shaw: -1
Reviews for Sean:Review #1
Shelby Robertson: +4
Reviews for Shelby:Review #1, Review #2, Review #3, Review #4
Steve Rude: +1
Reviews for Steve:Review #1
Stuart Sayger: +1
Reviews for Stuart:Review #1
Taki Soma: +1
Reviews for Taki:Review #1
Terry Beatty: +1
Reviews for Terry:Review #1
Tim Tyler: +1
Reviews for Tim:Review #1
Tom Mandrake: +1
Reviews for Tom:Review #1
Tom Simonton: +1
Reviews for Tom:Review #1
Tony Perna: +1
Reviews for Tony:Review #1
Tracey Lee Quinn: +1
Reviews for Tracey:Review #1
Tristan Sandnes: -1
Reviews for Tristan:Review #1
Wayne Nichols: +3
Reviews for Wayne:Review #1, Review #2, Review #2
Whilce Portacio: +5, -1
Reviews for Whilce:Review #1 (+), Review #2 (+), Review #3 (-), Review #4 (+), Review #5 (+), Review #6 (+)
Yildiray Cinar: +6
Reviews for Yildiray:Review #1, Review #2, Review #3, Review #4, Review #5, Review #6
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Fat Head
What happens if you get scared half to death twice?
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These are actual reviews, but I'm also using it as an example so you get the idea of what this should look like.

+1: Nick Bradshaw. I've had a few great experiences with him. He's done 2 commissions for me so far, an Emma Frost piece, and a Thor, Enchantress and Loki pinup in the first page of my sketchbook. His communication is good and his prices are reasonable. His turnaround can run a little later than anticipated, but once he begins on a piece it is finished rather quickly. I recieved scans of both of my pieces inside of a week after he notified me that he was beginning on them. The quality he delivers is fantastic. I will continue to deal with him in the future and hope to aqcuire many more pieces.

+1: Chris Stevens. I have dealt with Chris on two separate occasions now. First was for an Emma Frost piece, the second was for a piece for my Pirate Theme. His communication is quick and honest, and his prices while a little high for my own tastes, are totally justifiable for the quality and experience he delivers. Turn around time depends on what number you are on his list, but it's usually never more than 3-4 months. I was extremely satisfied with my dealings with him and will be (hopefully) acquiring many more pieces from him.
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Jason Metcalf I had a good experience with him on Roddernberry and Doc's commission, but I have been waiting 4-5 months on something that was supposed to be done right after WW Chicago. Needless to say if I ever get my commission I will not be recommending him any longer. Unfortunately fred flintstone has been waiting longer than I have.
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+1 Chris Stevens- thorough and friendly communiction. Incredible art, good price!

+1 Kevin Nowlan- very professional, prompt and amazing end result.

+1 Eddie Nunez- super friendly, fast and a great deal before the holidays.

+1 John Byrne- Jim Warden handles all the details and is very professional. Great art.

+1 Andy MacDonald- took a bit to get it but I really like his style.

+1 Craig Rousseau- Terrific art, excellent deal for a color piece.

+1 Karl Kerschl- Actually my brother's piece but he was floored with the results. A nice guy and good communication.
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Baron Zemo
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+1 Chris Stevens

I've gotten 3 pieces from Chris so far and each time the transaction has been smooth as silk. He asks for half up front and half as he begins working on the piece. Quite a fair way to do it, IMO. I have been thrilled with the results of each of my commissions. Also, I should point out that Chris does a top notch job of packaging his artwork for mailing. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with Chris "snappahead" Stevens!
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+1 Jeff Wamester - the guy always brings his A game and his own unique style to each commission. He is quick and professional. Also quick to respond to emails. His work is worth his prices. What you recieve is frame worthy!
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+1 Herb Trimpe - another solid artist who is the epitome of nice and professional. What you receive is worth the his VERY reasonable price - especially considering you are getting art from one of THE definitive Hulk artists. His turn around time is very reasonable - I've never waited more than a month...
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Baron Zemo
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+1 Gene Gonzales

Gene is very professional when it come to his commissions. His prices are VERY reasonable, and his turnaround time is pretty quick. I've gotten 2 commissions from him and I would recommend him to anyone.
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+1 Andy Carreon -

Zombies done 3 commissions with him, and depending on his schedule, he can have it done in less then a week. The longest one took about a month. He’s great at communication and is very friendly. He’s well priced and has his own style.

+1 Shelby Robertson -

Zombies only done 1 commission, but has also bought things from his ebay store.
The commission took about a month, but was done over Christmas so that probably made it take longer. He’s very well priced for the amount of detail he adds to each piece. He communicates well, and takes instructions well. Zombies already planning another commission in the semi near future.
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