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Post contact info for comic artists here.

I got this idea from another thread. Post any contact info you have for comic artists and their commission prices if you have them.

Please only post artist's contact info. If you are looking for an artist use this thread:
My CAF Gallery

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Tim Sale- Tim can be contacted through his website at Doesn't really do commissions unless you are attending a show.

My CAF Gallery
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Mike Deodato (courtesy of goingbroke223 from another thread)

* MARKER SKETCHES, 1 or more characters -- $150.00 - $250.00

* PENCILLED PIN-UPS (REGULAR) -- $300.00 - $400.00

* SUPER-TIGHT PENCILS -- $450.00 - $650.00

* PENCILS & INKS -- $700.00 - $850.00

* COLORED OR PAINTED -- $850.00 - $1,250.00

Agent Contact:
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ok guys here's my first batch of contact info i have. if anyone is looking for anyone in particular, let me know. i can usually find just about anyone.

randy queen
pencil commissions start at $200

phil hester

My quick head shots/doodles are free.
My con sketches (9x12) are $40.
My commissions (11x17) start at $150

billy tan
commissions: $450

rich friend
commissions: $400- 500

tyler kirkham
commissions: $300

andy park
commissions: $250 one character pencil

clayton henry
11x17 pencil is $100 for a single character. Inking will be an additional $60

simone bianchi
commissions: $400 (well worth it)

tony daniels
All art is done 11 by 17 on professional art board.

1 character, minimal background - 500.00
Each addt'l character add 250.00


1 character, minimal background - 800.00
Each additional character - 300.00


Cover style with the finished look of my typical covers and full
Up to 5 characters. - 1500.00
Additional characters can be negotiated.

INKED - 2200.00

jay anacleto
commissions: $500
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Matt Wagner:
price: $200-300
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Clayton Crain:

$50.00 per 1/2 hour to $100.00 per hour.
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Mike Perkins

my commission: Black Bolt and Medusa




Single Character ( No background) $100. (inks +$75)

Single Character ( Some background) $150. (inks +$100)

Single Character ( Full background) $175. (inks +$125)

Two Characters ( No background) $175. (inks +$100)

Two Characters ( Some Background) $215. (inks +$125)

Two Characters ( Full Background) $250. (inks +$150)

Prices quoted are for illustrations produced on 11" x 17" bristol board. Ink washed, coloured or larger pieces can be
arranged. A 50% deposit is requested before work can begin. Completion time of commission will be discussed in
the initial response. This may vary due to professional deadline constraints.

comments: Wait on the Inhumans piece was no more than two months, however that was inbetween deadlines. I am currently waiting on a piece for more than half a year. Considering his increasing workload at Marvel these days, I expect that his commission backlog is large and the wait time even on the list to be considerable. Still, the end results are well worth it as his inkwashes are amazing (there are greytones on my Inhumans piece that have to be seen in person to be believed).
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Anyone have contact info on John Cassady? Would like to contact him directly rather than go through Albert Moy.
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can anyone get to bruce timm w/o dealing with albert?
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anybody know how to contact Tom Palmer?

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